Monday, March 29, 2010

Part two and pictures

Day two at Disneyland started out wonderful the weather was perfect the lines were not too long. After the first night at Disneyland I got a little stomach bug and was throwing up all night. So about 3 pm Ellie started acting really sick and just not feeling well, she didn't even want to get her picture taken with Mr and Mrs Incredible. We were waiting in the line for the new toy story ride in California adventure we were literally getting in the car for the ride when Ellie puked all over me and her. YUCK! Just moments before I had zipped my jacket all the way up so all I had to do was take my jacket off and I had brought an extra set of clothes for Ellie but only Ellie(weird). So we cleaned up nicely.
We ended the night with a wonderful ride of Pirates of the Caribbean(I love that ride) We parked our stroller nicely next to the hundreds of other strollers, and after the ride came back to retrieve it and was gone, no where to be found. We reported our stroller missing Mady and I walked with the security guard to the Lost and Found and she helped us file a report. Items that were missing; stroller, two backpacks, camera, Mady had purchased with here birthday money a new drawing book, the girls autograph books, and a bag full of pukey disgusting clothes with throw up all over them. They security guard told us that strollers usually show up with in 24 hours, normally people just think that it was theirs and then realize it isn't and just leave it. That was our hope, alas it was not to be. They never retrieved our stroller or any of the other items.

On the final day at Disneyland we were still in the hope that our stroller would be found so Mady and I ran ahead of everyone to check lost and found and rent a stroller if we needed to. Lost and found had not seen our stroller yet so frustrated we went to rent us two strollers, I was so frustrated and asked them since our stroller was stolen at their park if they would discount, give us a buy one get one free, anything. Nope, nothing so I pulled out the card to purchase the strollers and the lady told me she couldn't take the card because it had my husbands name on it, ahhhh. I showed her his ID, still no. I was so frustrated through tears of frustration I told her what had happened and that all I wanted to do was rent a dang stroller(and I didn't use any profanity's). She turned around and went and got her manager. Ryan got there just in time and we rented two strollers.

I decided I was not going to let that ruin our last day at the happiest place on earth and I didn't. We had a wonderful time. The weather was picture perfect, there were no lines. We walked up to every ride. It was wonderful. The kids got to meet all their favorite princesses. That was Daxtons favorite part He would run up to the pretty ladies with a big smile on his face and sit on their laps. He is such a ladies man.

I love Disneyland and it was so fun to be there with my parents, sister and my brothers family. And what would a vacation be without some adventures?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good times and big adventures...Part One

Last week we were able to take a family vacation to the hap hap happiest place on earth...Disneyland!!! We had a lot of wild adventures and a lot of good times. It took us two days to drive there with a 2 am stop in Primm, Nevada. The highlight of Primm was the very overpriced over cooked buffet and the $10 gift shop.

Mady turned seven years old on Saturday and we were planning on going to the beach. While Ryan, my mom and the kids were shopping for some last minute items my dad was in the hotel room watching the news. The Earthquake in Chili just happened and there was a tsunami warning along the California coast. My Dad would not let any of us get near the Ocean so we decided to go to Disneyland. We were a little concerned because it was A. Saturday and B. overcast and the weather forcast was rain. But how fun would it to spend your birthday in Disneyland. We ultimately had a great day. Mady got a pin that said "It's my birthday" so all the cast members said Happy Birthday to her. At first she didn't like it but by the end of the night she just said "Thank you" and smiled. We did get rained on and poor Mady's feet were soaked. During dinner Daxton decided to throw up all over himself. Poor guy. So I walked back to our hotel room and changed Daxton and got a change of clothes for Mady and headed back to the happiness. By the time I made it back to the hotel room my pant legs were wet up to my knees. It felt good to get a change of clothes. Dax and I made it back to enjoy a few more rides. Ryan and I took Mady on her first ride of space mountain. She was not so impressed. Ryan kept yelling "faster, faster" so Mady thought that it was his fault the ride was going so fast.

The girls were disappointed that the tea cup ride was closed but there favorite rides were Dumbo and the roller coaster in toon town. Mady's favorite part or the day was getting Minnie Mouse's signature. Minnie wrote in Mady's book "Happy Birthday Mady, Love Minne Mouse" Madylin was excited. We ended Mady's magical day with a ride on Peter Pan. I love that ride and Daxton loved it also. Good times!

Sorry there are no pictures, maybe with Part two....