Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's official!

The quote "We're really doing it Harry" keeps running through my mind. We signed the papers, well Ryan signed the papers on Thursday. It was very anti climatic. I was wanting fireworks, balloons, confetti, etc. We went, signed and then came home. We did pick up some chinese takeout, that was our celebratory feast. We are almost all done packing thanks to my mom and Natalie. I seriously would be lost without them. Thanks babes!

Daxton had clinic this past week. Everything went great. We were able to run into a lot of our most favorite people. We saw Toni and Orley from Rainbow kids, our favorite PICU secretary Annette and Amy and Hardy were there for Jacks sedated echo, we of course love to see all of the transplant team. We feel like it is a big party once a month. Well I feel that way, Daxton probably doesn't since he is the one getting poked and prodded. Everything with Daxtons ticker is looking great. He did however lose weight which I was expecting because he has been so sick for two weeks. We are finally back to where we were with his feeding pre virus so hopefully next check up he will have put some weight on. We were able to go down on some meds-yahoo! They tell me that if everything looks good with his cath in Sept then we will be able to stop doing his 1 am med. That would be amazing!

The movie quote was from 7 brides for 7 brothers. I love this musical! This is the musical that my mother-in-law and my mom will be putting on this year at Woods Cross High School. So come next February we will be having a hoe down! Yeeha!

Wish me luck this week with the move. It should be an adventure.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twas the night before closing day.....

Closing day is tomorrow! We are so excited and ready for our new adventure. Things have been crazy with the sickies but things are calming down. Daxton is feeling a little better. It turns out that he has hand, foot and mouth disease. Friday I was looking in his mouth and saw all of this little blisters. Poor little man. His gums are swollen and he does not like to take his magnesium. He is much happier during the daytime but at night he is struggling.
The cath lab called yesterday to schedule Daxtons next cath. It will be Sept 3rd. It really suprised me, I didn't expect for him to have one again so soon. But after this one we will be just once a year.

Life is good! We feel so very blessed to be where we are today! We are tired, overwhelmed, stressed, sick, disfunctional, but we are together and thats all that matters.

Movie quote of the week-"They say when you marry in June your a bride all your life."
hint-also a musical-one of my favorites.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sick, sick and sicker....

My sweet little man has been MISERABLE this past week. It started Sunday night with a fever then just aching, puking and moaning all the time. He kept pulling on his ears so I was sure it was an ear infection. Nope, he had a really red throat but it was not strep(that's good) He has about 7 teeth popping through which I am sure is just miserable. Poor little man. It has been 6 days and he still has a fever and is still pretty miserable. Today was the first day that he actually wanted to sit on the floor and scoot around. It just breaks my heart. Our transplant team said that it just takes longer for immune suppressed kids to get over colds and flus. I hope that we are turning the corner and he will get better soon.

Last night we had to make an emergency run to the hospital for my other big man(husband). He woke up with terrible chest pains and just not being able to breath. So being safe than sorry we ran him to ER at 12:30 am and had an ekg which was normal, x-ray that was normal, blood work normal-PHEW! But his lungs sounded awful. So they gave him a breathing treatment and some narcotics and sent us home. It was a bronchial spasm. Weird. He is using an inhaler now and is feeling better. With moving, a sick baby, invalid husband, stressed out momma, there is never a dull moment at our house. I know the dull moments are coming soon....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today one of our dear sweet heart friend has finished his journey on this earth. Please send his family your thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. This little man will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My girls are at a friends house, Daxton is sound asleep in his crib and I am so procrastinating doing the dishes and packing for our big move. We are hopefully closing on the house this week. Needless to say my house is a wreck. I just can't get the motivation to clean.

We have some good news at our house Daxton is finally mobile. He is a scooter. He is not crawling just scooting wherever he wants to go. It is really one of the cutest things ever. We are all very excited! This morning I was watching Barbie princess with Ellie, I looked over and Daxton had gotten into a cup of rootbear that had been left out. Awesome. We are excited at this new adventure.

The movie quote this week is from my alltime favorite movie. I watch it at least once month. So if you know me you will know what movie it is without the quote.
"Lets just say we are doing it for a pal in the army."