Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another reminder

Yesterday one of Gods sweet little angels returned home to be with him. Since becoming a heart mommy I have watched as other families have had to say goodbye for a time to their little angels. It is heartbreaking to me. I try not to ask "why?" I know that these little spirits were sent here for just a moment so that we could experience Heaven on earth. These are Celestial beings and are home and safe from the cares of this world. The passing of these little babies is a reminder to me of the precious blessing that is my son. I am so grateful for him and for the gift that he is to me and my family. I get very frustrated with myself that I need this reminder to enjoy life, every moment, but I still do need to be reminded. It is hard to try and find the balance of enjoying lifes moments and keeping life in order. So today I will choose to enjoy life while trying to keep it in order.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm thankful for my Husband, my beautiful children, My Savior, my church, my family, friends, my new home, Miracles. What are you Thankful for?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Things

My wonderful Friend Natalie tagged me to write 10 random things about myself. Here goes it....

These are in no specific order of importance.

1. I love Football!!! Love everything about. I love watching it on TV, i love going to games. I love eating chick-fila at the Utes stadium(YUMMY)!! I look forward all week for Friday and Saturday night football.

2. I have a guilt complex. I feel guilty 97.5% of the time. I don't know how to stop it.

3. I miss my Grandma every day.

4. I love movies. Some of my favorites are "White Christmas", "Meet me in St. Louis" I love most Judy Garland movies. My guilty pleasure movie is "Bridget Jones Diary" I love Jane Austen type movies; "Jane Eyre", "Pride and Prejudice"(new and old),"North and South"
I love going to the movies. My favorite movie treat is Extra Extra Butter popcorn with milk duds. You put a bite of both of these in your mouth and it is like carmel popcorn, mmmm, yummy!!!

5. I have a thing for fresh crayons. I want to buy a pack every time I see one. They just make me happy. There is just something about coloring a picture with a brand new crayon. Love it!!

6. I love to bake. Not cook, Bake. One bowl, several measuring cups and spoons, one pan=magic. In college I would look up a new recipe each day and go home and make it. I loved making apple pies(even though I hate eating apple pies).

7. I will share this next one only if you promise the next time you see me you will not do any of the following. Deal. I have A LOT of pet peeves. The main ones can go under the category of mouth noises. Any and All mouth noises. Comping your food, chewing your gum loudly, cleaning out your teeth with your tongue, chewing gum at all, and last but most definitely not least clicking your tongue. That one tops the charts. When I was little my brothers knew that this bothered me and they would do it often just to upset me. Well one night when my parents were gone they were clicking their tongues at me. I got so upset that I dialed 911 and screamed in the phone and then hung up. Guess who showed up at our house moments later. Try explaining that to two police officers.

8-I have two hidey toes. Two of my toes hide behind the one next to them. When I was younger I thought that everyones toes looked like mine, until my dear friend Lara Lee made fun of them. It still doesn't bother me. One of the sweetest moments of my life is when my first baby was born and one of the first things we noticed was that she had toes just like mine. It was amazing!

9- I love to sing in the shower. Some of my favorites are of course Broadway tunes. "Memory" from Cats, "Les Miserables" "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" I like to sing loud and it doesn't matter what it sounds like. I just imagine I am on stage and I have the best voice in the world.

10- I would love to have a soundtrack to my everyday doings. Everything would be more exciting set to music. Your first kiss, break ups, losing a job, your babies being born. Even the normal every day stuff; baths, meals, driving kids to school, discussions with your spouse, homework. Everything would be better set to music.

11- I'm cheating and adding another one. I love when people comment on my blog. :)

I now tag......Juliann, MaryAnn, Tara, Erin. Have fun.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

My cute little Ellie finally turned 4!! She has been talking about being four since she turned three. She is growing up so fast. I was going through all of her pictures the other day and I can't believe how these last four years have zoomed on by. She is so much fun. She is my little drama girl. She loves to dance and sing and make her little brother scream. It is her new found goal in life to make him mad. If he is sitting being happy she has a remedy for that. She is our little one liner girl. The other day we were all in the car and Ryan and I were having a discussion-ok more than a discussion we were a little upset. After a few minutes of listening to us "discuss" from the back seat of the car Ellie said "Oh shuuut uuup!" It was classic. That is a bad word in our house but it was much too funny to do anything but laugh. That is our Ellie, always keeping us on our toes with her wit.

We had a fabulous birthday. We invited Ellies friends and cousins to the pumpkin patch where the kids played in the maze and climbed on the tractors and got to pick out a pumpkin. Ellie had so much fun she did not want to leave. I love that her birthday is in the Halloween season. It is my favorite holiday, hopefully when she is older she will let me do a haunted house for her party.

The Birthday Girl!

The Party Gang. I don't think that is everyone that came to the pumpkin patch, kids kept jumping in and out of the picture.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.

An impromptu bowling session while Ryan had to run to work for a minute.

Birthday girl and birthday cake. That cake took me 4+ hours to make and 5 minutes to destroy.

We love you Ellie belly. I am so glad I had you!!!