Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the Women were sobbin...........

We are heavily involved with Woods Cross High Schools production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My mother-in-law is the Director, my mom is the Technical Director and choreographer, both Mady and Ellie are in the play and I am the hair dresser for the show and will be running lights for the show.

This is one of my most favorite musicals so it has been a lot of fun. The girls just love it and are singing and dancing all day long.

The show runs from Jan 28-Feb 16th with matinees on Feb 6th and 13th. The show starts at 7pm and runs about 2 hours. Ticket prices are $5-$8. You can call the ticket office for tickets at 801-402-4611.

I promise you will not leave disappointed. The girls would love to see you there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye ritual

My sweet little Elizabeth has a ritual now that must be done in accordance when saying goodbye or we have a catastrophic meltdown. This is how it plays out.

Me-"Mommy has to run to the store I will be right back"
Ellie-"No, don't leave me"
Me-"I will be right back and if you don't cry I will bring you back a treat"
Ellie-"I want to come"
Me-"I will be right back"
(this is where the sobbing begins-when I say sobbing I mean Ellie sobbing)
Ellie"Mom(saying this while crying) I love you, don't leave me, hold me, Happy Holidays."
Me-"I love you too, I will see you in a minute"
Ellie-(still sobbing)"love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Happy Holidays"
Ellie-(starting to panic cry)"Mom, Mom, I love you Happy Holidays"
Me-(she is now grasping onto me)"Sweetie go get Daddy I will be right back, I love you"
Ellie-(still crying) "I love you, I want to come"
Daddy finally comes and takes her, I actually walk out the door and half way to my car.
Ellie-(running while sobbing) "Mom, I love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Ellie I love you too, Happy Holidays, go back inside"
Ellie-(watching mom drive away yells one more) "Happy Holidays"

It is very adorable, yet annoying. This goes on even if I am just going to get the mail. I am now starting to sneak out to avoid long drawn out over dramatized productions. This morning she put the piano bench in front of the door so Mady could not leave for school. She cracks me up. Love this girl, she defiantly makes my life exciting.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Public Display

Today I went to lunch with Ellie and Daxton to one of my favorite sandwich shops. It was time to feed Daxton and as usual would not let a significant amount of food pass his cute little lips. So I pulled out the tube and began feeding him. I have never fed him through his button in a public restaurant before and was concerned by the onlookers. There was one lady who would not stop staring every time I looked over she was looking at us. It made me very uncomfortable. It was one of those moments when you feel like everyone is staring at you but you are probably just being paranoid. I was getting so frustrated because all Daxton wanted to do was stand up and make a mess and to add to the joys Ellie decided today would be a good day to be as loud as possible every second of the day. I just felt overwhelmed. It was very unsettling.

So my question to all you tube feeding Mommy's, what do you do when you feed your kids in public? What is the "etiquette" for such feedings? And also I am wondering if you a "normal" person who has not seen a tube feeding before would it gross you out to see it in public and if it does what could we do to not gross you out?

Daxtons last cardiology appointment was Thursday and he had gained a little bit of weight. We met with the nutritionist again and we set some different goals. I was hoping that we could pull him off of tube feeds but it is not looking like that will be in the cards for awhile. They did start him on a new medicine that helps make him have a stronger appetite. Hopefully this will help.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Confessions

Ok so last year sometime I blogged about my goal to run a half-marathon. I started to train I really did. I got up to about 4 miles and I thought to myself "what am I doing?" "I don't want to run 13ish miles" I realized how silly it was when I drove from my parents house to my bank then up to my Uncles house then back home and it was barely 3 miles. I thought that is pure insanity. So I stopped. I admire those that can get up at the bottom crack of dawn and run but I am not that person. I love love love my sleep. So that is my confession, Wow, I feel a whole lot better.

Having said all of that here is part 2 of my insanity quest.

My big brother has invited me to be part of the Wastach Back Relay Race. This race consists of 12 team members running from Logan to Park City. Does this sound a little bit suicidal to anyone else. I really did try to talk myself out of it the other day but my brother would have none of it. So the training begins. Does this sound fun? No. Will it be fun? Probably. But I probably won't admit that until the end. So wish me luck I will most defiantly need it. And I will not not not quit this, no matter if it kills me. And yes saying that sends shivers down my spine and gives me an instant stomach ache, but I will prevail!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big news at the Cook Home!

Last night Daxton took his first steps!! Ya for you big boy!! Today he is determined to not let that happen again but we know that he knows how, so you can't pretend anymore little bud. That is a great way to start out 2010!! I will try and capture it on film, but no promises.