Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running fool

I have registered to participate in the Wasatch Back Relay. What I was thinking I am not sure. Alas, I am on the training road. I have a few questions for all you runners out there.

1-What do you eat before you run?

2-What is your favorite music to listen to on a run?

3- When I get about mile 2.5 the balls of my feet start going numb. I have tried to loosening my shoes, that didn't work. So do you have any suggestions.

4- And last but not least, how the heck am I going to run 6.9 miles at one time?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayers for Mason

Sweet little Mason received his beautiful angel heart on Easter Sunday. What a wonderful and glorious gift to receive on such a beautiful sacred day. He is having a bump in the road right now. His little body is rejecting this new gift. The transplant team says that this can happen and it is more likely to than not. They can treat them with some heavy doses of anti rejection medicine. This is always a fear with us and we feel such relief after our monthly echos show no sign of rejection for our little Daxton. I ask that you spare a moment and send Mason and his family your prayers and faith. They have been through so much already and we have been a witness of Gods wonders. We are praying for continued miracles for miracle Mason.