Thursday, June 3, 2010

Question for the mommas

We have decided that it is time for Daxton to get tubes in his ears. He has had multiple ear infection and constantly has fluid behind his ears. So the little man is having surgery. I know that it is very minor and that he should be done in 15 minutes. I am not too worried about it besides the fact he will have discomfort.

While he is getting tubes in his ears we are having him circumcised which turns out is a more intense procedure than the tubes. He will have to be completely put under and it will take longer than the tubes. I am sad to put him through this but at the same time feel like it is something that will help him in the long run. I know that uncircumcised males have a higher chance of infection and that worries me because of his transplant.
So my question is if anyone has any more useful information. As of now we are a go I have tried to call the transplant team to see what their opinion is from a cardiac stand point. I have not heard from them yet(very frustrated with the new mode of trying to get a hold of them, but that is another subject) What do you think?