Sunday, November 21, 2010

So So Grateful!!

It has been too long since I have posted. This past month I have been contemplating my life and the things that I have been blessed with. My blessings are too many to count and I am so so grateful for all of them.

I'm grateful for little Miss Mady. She is FULL of drama and keeps me on my toes all the time. She is such a tender soul and I'm so grateful she is my daughter.

I'm grateful that Daxton is Two!! I'm grateful for a different perspective into the terrible twos. He is really really really good at being two but it is nice to be able to laugh and know that they wont last but I am grateful that he is two .

I'm grateful that Daxton has finally hit the growth chart. He is just barely touching the 1% but he is there. Finally!!

I'm so grateful that I can teach my children the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that I can show them that he loves them and cares for them and that he has given us a way to be together FOREVER with our families.

I'm so grateful for my Ellie. She is oozing with personality. She is so spunky. She is such a fun free spirit, I am so grateful I get to be with her every day.

I am so grateful for Ice cream. I have had strep this week and it tastes so so so good. And I don't have any guilt over eating 2 gallons of ice cream by myself. YUMMY!!
I'm grateful for my cute family and letting me dress us up as a theme for Halloween. If you can't tell Ryan is Jasper. He is a good sport.

I am grateful that the UTES won yesterday. I was beginning to question my team. Alas they came around and played a great fun game. GO UTES!!! I'll be more grateful if we can win BYU, which we can.

I'm grateful for our 2 very cute, very adorable kittens. Ellie got a kitty for her birthday and the next day we had to go back and get her sister. Boo and Pumpkin. And the best part is I'm not allergic.

And last but not least I am soooooooooo grateful that we do NOT own a dog anymore. Sorry Xander.