Friday, May 2, 2014

Just a few pics....


Ellie baptism day and Amelia blessing day. Such a wonderful day!
 Halloween!! Ellie literally switched costumes 4 times. Thank goodness for the dress up box.

 Soccer man!!

 Go UTES!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Welcome to our family our beautiful, lovable, perfect and wonderful little Amelia Jo. She was born August 22, 2013. She is 8 months old. I feel like my pregnancy with her was soooo long and soooo miserable. I have never had a summer baby and I will never have another one. That was no bueno. But now she is 8 months!! AHHHHH!!!! They grow too fast!! She really is a perfect baby. She sleeps through the night, only fusses when she is hungry or tired(or a sibling is being annoying). We are all in love. Daxton is so sweet with her. He is so gentle(most of the time) with her. He likes to hold her and help me take care of her. The girls are also in love. Mady is a little more business like with her. She is a good helper when asked but rarely just takes her and plays with her. Ellie is a little mom. She likes to take Milly in her room and play with her, take videos, sing, tell her stories, play dolls and all sorts of cute things. It is so wonderful as a mom to see the love that they have for each other. Milly has been a blessing and bright light in our home.
Besides getting over a never ending sickness, life is good. The girls and I are in The Sound of Music put on by Clearfield City. Mady is playing the part of Brigitta and Ellie is Marta. I am playing a "filler" nun, as Ryan put it. We are having a lot of fun with that. It will keep us busy busy up until July. The girls are still dancing and we are getting ready for their year end recital. We are all so excited for school to be done for the year. The girls have a countdown on their door...19 more days!! Since spring break I have struggled sending the kids to school. I just want to play.
Daxton is doing great. Besides a cough that is lingering his health is doing great. His heart is looking amazing. We finally got rid of his gtube. We felt it was time to get rid of it so we set up a reward system where every time he ate his food he got a sticker. When he got enough stickers he was able to pick out a lego. That has been a very expensive reward system, but whatever works. It still seems like an every day struggle to get him to eat but I know I am not the only parent that feels that way. He is in preschool and LOVES his teachers Miss Sandy and Miss Kesha. He has made remarkable progress this year and we are so grateful for this teachers and the love that show our little man. They are amazing! Daxton started soccer in the fall. We still aren't too sure on how he likes it. Most of the game he is running around pretending he is a transformer. When the ball gets close to him he has to gear up his engine(or battery, depending on the day) so by the time he gets all the gears going the ball is already long gone. I think we would keep at it if he showed that he liked it at all but we are thinking soccer might not be for him. He gets really mad if anyone else touches his ball or if the kids bump into him. It is pretty entertaining to watch. He has a very strong will and if he doesn't want to do it he will not. Little Stinker. We are excited for him to start kindergarten in August. We struggled with deciding whether or not to put him in kindergarten last year. We feel like we made the right decision for Daxton I think he is much more prepared than he would have been. Daxton loves legos and is very good and putting them together. He still loves trains, cars, trucks and fire trucks. He is a very high energy little man.
Ryan and I are hanging in there. Adjusting to 4 kids is rough. Ryan started a new schedule where he has to get up for work at 5am(yuck!!). That has been rough on him and me. Thankfully this shift will only last another month. We are in the never ending dilemma of do we move? Or do we stay where we are?  We have looked at a few houses and even contemplated moving to Grantsville but have not felt good any of those options. We are keeping an open mind and things will all work out. Ryan is busy with being Assistant Scout Master and I am on the Relief Society activities committee. We are happy and busy. Life is good.