Sunday, November 21, 2010

So So Grateful!!

It has been too long since I have posted. This past month I have been contemplating my life and the things that I have been blessed with. My blessings are too many to count and I am so so grateful for all of them.

I'm grateful for little Miss Mady. She is FULL of drama and keeps me on my toes all the time. She is such a tender soul and I'm so grateful she is my daughter.

I'm grateful that Daxton is Two!! I'm grateful for a different perspective into the terrible twos. He is really really really good at being two but it is nice to be able to laugh and know that they wont last but I am grateful that he is two .

I'm grateful that Daxton has finally hit the growth chart. He is just barely touching the 1% but he is there. Finally!!

I'm so grateful that I can teach my children the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that I can show them that he loves them and cares for them and that he has given us a way to be together FOREVER with our families.

I'm so grateful for my Ellie. She is oozing with personality. She is so spunky. She is such a fun free spirit, I am so grateful I get to be with her every day.

I am so grateful for Ice cream. I have had strep this week and it tastes so so so good. And I don't have any guilt over eating 2 gallons of ice cream by myself. YUMMY!!
I'm grateful for my cute family and letting me dress us up as a theme for Halloween. If you can't tell Ryan is Jasper. He is a good sport.

I am grateful that the UTES won yesterday. I was beginning to question my team. Alas they came around and played a great fun game. GO UTES!!! I'll be more grateful if we can win BYU, which we can.

I'm grateful for our 2 very cute, very adorable kittens. Ellie got a kitty for her birthday and the next day we had to go back and get her sister. Boo and Pumpkin. And the best part is I'm not allergic.

And last but not least I am soooooooooo grateful that we do NOT own a dog anymore. Sorry Xander.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the verdict is.....

No Rejection!!! The biopsy went very smoothly they were done in only an hour and a half. I was hunkered down with my Rolos and Dr. Pepper when we got the page. Dr. Cowley said that everything looked beautiful, even his coronary arteries....Love it!! Daxton had a hard time coming off of the anesthesia he didn't want me to look at him, sing to him or even talk. If I did he would immediately start screaming and then his oxygen would go down in the 60's which made the nurse nervous. Poor guy. We took him on his first ever wagon ride in the hospital which he liked for a little bit but soon became irritated at that also. Once we got home he was all better. There really is no place like home. We received the call tonight saying that there was no rejection and that the results were "perfect", that is what I like to hear. We feel so blessed tonight and are feeling very humbled by the miracles that we have witnessed. Our thoughts have been with our donor family, we are eternally grateful for their selfless act of service that they gave to our son. My heart aches for them this night. To them I say Thank you with all my heart for giving my son a chance at life. We love you and pray for your peace and joy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two options

Tomorrow is the day. It will be 2 years minus one day since Daxton recieved his beautiful angel heart and he is having his fifth biopsy tomorrow morning at 6 am. After being rescheduled last week it has given me some time to ponder on a few things. I had been super stressed and worried about this biopsy and was very overwhelmed. Last week at church during testimony meeting a women stood up and said that we have two options in life, we can live by fear or by faith. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I was letting fear take over my life and I was not liking the outcome of that decision. So this week I have been looking toward this biopsy with faith. I have remembered where we have been and how far we have come with faith as our guide. One of my favorite scriptures is; "For mine is not the spirit of fear, but of Power and of Love and of a sound mind." This scripture has been a comfort to me in many aspects of my life and has helped me this past week. I am so so grateful for this new perspective and know that tomorrow will be just fine no matter the outcome. We have amazing doctors and nurses looking after our little man and more importantly our Heavenly Father and Savior. Thanks for the prayers, please say a few more for Daxton tomorrow.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We got a call yesterday letting us know that Daxton has been bumped until next Thursday, the 9th. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The day before Daxton's two year biopsy

Tomorrow we will head up to Primary Childrens Hospital for Daxton to have his 5th heart biopsy. We are coming up on his 2 year transplant anniversary on Sept 10th. It has been a year since his last biopsy and I have been a nervous wreck this week. We have not been to clinic for two months, which is good but it makes me nervous to have not seen his beautiful angel heart for while. So we will go with high hopes for a fabulous "0", for NO rejection. Please say a little prayer for him tonight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had the amazing opportunity to go to Boston with my Grandpa, Mom, Sister, Aunt and cousins. We stayed with my Aunt Marjie and her family who lives in Boston. It was fabulous vacation and a trip for a lot of firsts.

What is a trip to Time Square without a picture with SpongeBob?

The Statue of Liberty was fabulous. I loved every bit of it.
(Does that shirt scream tourist or what?)

My first taxi ride. We arrived at our hotel at 11:30 pm to find out that they had booked us two rooms with 1 King size bed in each. That would have been fine if we didn't have 9 people! So they found us a close by hotel that would accommodate us, thus the taxi ride. I was really dissapointed that it wasn't a yellow cab but I think we had a memorable experience when the driver decided to back up on the freeway instead of wait through traffic.

My favorite part of the trip to New York was seeing the Broadway musical "Wicked". It was so spectacular and the talent was unbelievable. I Loved It!!!

After our fast and furious trip to New York we were now able to enjoy the beauty and historical richness of Boston. It is such an amazing city with such rich historical background. I really did love everything about it. This picture of me strangling the duck is at Boston Commons where the story "Make way for the ducklings" was written about.

This is me and my beautiful sister at Revere Beach.

This was one of my favorite places that we went. Walden Pond. It was so peaceful and serene. I could definitely see how someone could be a recluse there like my new boyfriend was.

Me and my boyfriend Henry David Thoreau. Ahhhh so romantic.


I was trying to look intellectual on the campus of Harvard but I think I look more confused than anything else. It really is a gorgeous campus.

This is my family at the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. I found out half way through our tour that it isn't "the" Sleepy Hollow from the story that one is in New York. After that it lost some of its eerieness but it was still cool to see authors headstones, like Louisa May Alcott, and Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau. It was super cool. It was in my favorite town in Boston; Concord. It was so cute and quaint. I loved it.

The Boston Temple.....Gorgeous!!

I love lighthouses. This was in Cape Cod. Oh how beautiful the Cape is. The water was FREEZING, but we got in anyway. We drove out to Province the city farthest on the Cape, that was quite the experience. It was all so beautiful.
We were going going all the time. We fit everything in that we wanted to do and see. I loved it all and am excited to someday go again and take Ryan and maybe the kids.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Daxtons surgeries went really well. It was unbelievable how fast it was. Ryan and I went down to our favorite place to eat in Salt Lake, the Rainbow Cafe, and got breakfast went back up to the waiting room and he was done. The first 24 hours were really rough for him. He was in A LOT of pain and pretty much cried all day long even with the Lortab that was prescribed. But the next morning he woke up happy. It still hurts him when he pees, he cries a little but he is healing really nicely. The ear tubes went so smoothly and honestly I don't think he even knows anything happened to his ears. Ryan and I have the guilt for putting him through a painful procedure but we hope that it will benefit him in the future. Through this whole adventure my four year old Ellie has learned a new vocabulary word-the "p" word for the male genitalia. It is what it is. Now whenever someone asks how Daxton is she immediatly says that is "p" hurts, but she says the whole word. It is quite embarrassing. Kids, you just got to love them!!
So now no more procedures until his 2 year post transplant cath in Sept. Yahoo!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Daxton goes in for surgery tomorrow for his ear tubes and circumcision. We head up to the hospital at 6 am. I know that it is necessary but I hate to put him through all of this especially when he is so happy and content with life. I'm not complaining just sad that tomorrow he will not be a happy camper. Send some prayers our way and also to all the heart babies going in for heart surgery. We are thinking of you Mckay...Good luck buddy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Question for the mommas

We have decided that it is time for Daxton to get tubes in his ears. He has had multiple ear infection and constantly has fluid behind his ears. So the little man is having surgery. I know that it is very minor and that he should be done in 15 minutes. I am not too worried about it besides the fact he will have discomfort.

While he is getting tubes in his ears we are having him circumcised which turns out is a more intense procedure than the tubes. He will have to be completely put under and it will take longer than the tubes. I am sad to put him through this but at the same time feel like it is something that will help him in the long run. I know that uncircumcised males have a higher chance of infection and that worries me because of his transplant.
So my question is if anyone has any more useful information. As of now we are a go I have tried to call the transplant team to see what their opinion is from a cardiac stand point. I have not heard from them yet(very frustrated with the new mode of trying to get a hold of them, but that is another subject) What do you think?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolutly Amazing!!

This is an incredible story that I wanted to share. I was privileged to meet this miracle man and his sweet little mommy the other day. I just love science and the giant leaps that it is making. Enjoy......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two years old!!!

A big huge Happy Birthday to my baby boy!!!

Two years ago right now I was in labor with my little man. It was a long emotional labor(36 hours). We had just found out three days before that our son had a heart condition. The word "roller coaster" is a great way to describe our emotions. We were determined to look on the bright side of things and to put our faith in trust in our Father in Heaven who knows all and who had ours and Daxtons best interest in mind.

He came out fighting. When we decided to name him Daxton we looked up the meaning of his name and there was none documented. Since the beginning he has fought many battles and has risen above them, thus the meaning of his name is "Warrior". Ryan gave him the nickname Daxtonius Parkerius. He has and still is living up to his name. He is starting to get a wonderful little temper. When he doesn't want something that I am trying to give him he hits his head with both his hands. I wonder what he is trying to accomplish?

In his two short little years Daxton has:

-survived a heart cath at 3 days old
-survived a heart surgery at 5 days old
-survived 2 1/2 months on a ventilator
-had his first smile while on the ventilator
-survived a heart transplant on Sept. 10 2008 at three months old.
-lived through a g-tube placement surgery-because he was not gaining weight and is still struggling gaining weight.
-has endured innumerable blood draws, pokes, probes, etc.
-has lived through 3 additional heart caths and will need one once a year for his entire life.
-he struggled crawling, walking, eating but now is doing all of these like a champ....well the eating we could work on a lot more.
-enduring life at home with two very loving and protective sisters and always with a Smile!!!

Daxton loves his:
-Mom and Dad
-Dog,Xander(honestly the only reason I have kept the dog is because of how much Dax loves him)
-choo choo train, especially Thomas
-watching "How to train your Dragon" and "Thomas"
-playing outside
-toy cars
-and we found out today he loves swimming

I love this little man! I am so eternally grateful that he is a part of our little family and I am his mother!!

His birthday present from the cardiology team is to let him go from three times a day meds to twice a day!!!!! To those who know this is HUGE for us!! Since his transplant we have been giving meds at 8am 4pm and 12am. It is so nice to not have to give that late night dose. I am a happy camper!!

So thanks to our Donor family and our Savior my little Dax man celebrates two years of wonderful, glorious, amazing life!!!!

I love you little man!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up

I have not posted for a while and I thought I would just update with whats been going on. The girls have been keeping busy with the dinner theatre. They did a dance to Itsy Bitsy Bikini with their cousins Kiara and Kayli. They all had a lot of fun dancing and interacting with the high school kids. Last night was closing night and I am so glad that it is over.

We are rounding down the school year with lots of activities; dance programs, school tests, school programs, etc. May is always such a busy month.

My Dax man is growing so fast. He is a professional walker now and is getting faster and more independent. He has been eating really really well up until a few days ago. He seems to have a little bug and doesn't want to eat. It is times like these that I am exceptionally grateful for the g-tube. For easter he got a Thomas choo choo train which he absolutely loves. He loves anything boy; cars, trucks, dragons, and banging things. (Even his head when he is having a terrible two temper tantrum) But he still stays in touch with his feminine side by playing with his sisters and their barbies. We took Daxton to the full 3 hours of church last week for mothers day. He wasn't to sure about it, it was very exhausting but wonderful to have him there. He is so wonderful. I am so incredibly grateful that he is with us and we can watch him grow and develop, Thanks to our donor family and the Lord
Ryan started school again and hopefully will continue until the finish line. He is so close we just need to keep our eye on the prize. I am training for the Wasatch Back Relay right now and that is all consuming. I wonder if there will ever be a time when i can just go exercising without stressing about it all day. Probably not, but I do really enjoy running when I am finished with my run.

We are excited for the rain to stop and the sun to come out so we can come out and play and plant my garden.

p.s. I just added some random pictures that have nothing to do with the post, just for fun.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running fool

I have registered to participate in the Wasatch Back Relay. What I was thinking I am not sure. Alas, I am on the training road. I have a few questions for all you runners out there.

1-What do you eat before you run?

2-What is your favorite music to listen to on a run?

3- When I get about mile 2.5 the balls of my feet start going numb. I have tried to loosening my shoes, that didn't work. So do you have any suggestions.

4- And last but not least, how the heck am I going to run 6.9 miles at one time?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayers for Mason

Sweet little Mason received his beautiful angel heart on Easter Sunday. What a wonderful and glorious gift to receive on such a beautiful sacred day. He is having a bump in the road right now. His little body is rejecting this new gift. The transplant team says that this can happen and it is more likely to than not. They can treat them with some heavy doses of anti rejection medicine. This is always a fear with us and we feel such relief after our monthly echos show no sign of rejection for our little Daxton. I ask that you spare a moment and send Mason and his family your prayers and faith. They have been through so much already and we have been a witness of Gods wonders. We are praying for continued miracles for miracle Mason.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Part two and pictures

Day two at Disneyland started out wonderful the weather was perfect the lines were not too long. After the first night at Disneyland I got a little stomach bug and was throwing up all night. So about 3 pm Ellie started acting really sick and just not feeling well, she didn't even want to get her picture taken with Mr and Mrs Incredible. We were waiting in the line for the new toy story ride in California adventure we were literally getting in the car for the ride when Ellie puked all over me and her. YUCK! Just moments before I had zipped my jacket all the way up so all I had to do was take my jacket off and I had brought an extra set of clothes for Ellie but only Ellie(weird). So we cleaned up nicely.
We ended the night with a wonderful ride of Pirates of the Caribbean(I love that ride) We parked our stroller nicely next to the hundreds of other strollers, and after the ride came back to retrieve it and was gone, no where to be found. We reported our stroller missing Mady and I walked with the security guard to the Lost and Found and she helped us file a report. Items that were missing; stroller, two backpacks, camera, Mady had purchased with here birthday money a new drawing book, the girls autograph books, and a bag full of pukey disgusting clothes with throw up all over them. They security guard told us that strollers usually show up with in 24 hours, normally people just think that it was theirs and then realize it isn't and just leave it. That was our hope, alas it was not to be. They never retrieved our stroller or any of the other items.

On the final day at Disneyland we were still in the hope that our stroller would be found so Mady and I ran ahead of everyone to check lost and found and rent a stroller if we needed to. Lost and found had not seen our stroller yet so frustrated we went to rent us two strollers, I was so frustrated and asked them since our stroller was stolen at their park if they would discount, give us a buy one get one free, anything. Nope, nothing so I pulled out the card to purchase the strollers and the lady told me she couldn't take the card because it had my husbands name on it, ahhhh. I showed her his ID, still no. I was so frustrated through tears of frustration I told her what had happened and that all I wanted to do was rent a dang stroller(and I didn't use any profanity's). She turned around and went and got her manager. Ryan got there just in time and we rented two strollers.

I decided I was not going to let that ruin our last day at the happiest place on earth and I didn't. We had a wonderful time. The weather was picture perfect, there were no lines. We walked up to every ride. It was wonderful. The kids got to meet all their favorite princesses. That was Daxtons favorite part He would run up to the pretty ladies with a big smile on his face and sit on their laps. He is such a ladies man.

I love Disneyland and it was so fun to be there with my parents, sister and my brothers family. And what would a vacation be without some adventures?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good times and big adventures...Part One

Last week we were able to take a family vacation to the hap hap happiest place on earth...Disneyland!!! We had a lot of wild adventures and a lot of good times. It took us two days to drive there with a 2 am stop in Primm, Nevada. The highlight of Primm was the very overpriced over cooked buffet and the $10 gift shop.

Mady turned seven years old on Saturday and we were planning on going to the beach. While Ryan, my mom and the kids were shopping for some last minute items my dad was in the hotel room watching the news. The Earthquake in Chili just happened and there was a tsunami warning along the California coast. My Dad would not let any of us get near the Ocean so we decided to go to Disneyland. We were a little concerned because it was A. Saturday and B. overcast and the weather forcast was rain. But how fun would it to spend your birthday in Disneyland. We ultimately had a great day. Mady got a pin that said "It's my birthday" so all the cast members said Happy Birthday to her. At first she didn't like it but by the end of the night she just said "Thank you" and smiled. We did get rained on and poor Mady's feet were soaked. During dinner Daxton decided to throw up all over himself. Poor guy. So I walked back to our hotel room and changed Daxton and got a change of clothes for Mady and headed back to the happiness. By the time I made it back to the hotel room my pant legs were wet up to my knees. It felt good to get a change of clothes. Dax and I made it back to enjoy a few more rides. Ryan and I took Mady on her first ride of space mountain. She was not so impressed. Ryan kept yelling "faster, faster" so Mady thought that it was his fault the ride was going so fast.

The girls were disappointed that the tea cup ride was closed but there favorite rides were Dumbo and the roller coaster in toon town. Mady's favorite part or the day was getting Minnie Mouse's signature. Minnie wrote in Mady's book "Happy Birthday Mady, Love Minne Mouse" Madylin was excited. We ended Mady's magical day with a ride on Peter Pan. I love that ride and Daxton loved it also. Good times!

Sorry there are no pictures, maybe with Part two....

Monday, February 22, 2010


We are enjoying life without the musical. Closing night was last Tuesday night. We had a lot of fun, but we are so glad that it is over. We love getting to bed at a decent hour, I love not having to curl hair for 4 hours out of my day, and I love being able to cook dinner and not eating take out.

Daxton is a walking champion! It is one of the most joyous things I have ever witnessed. I love when he comes waddling around a corner and has the biggest smile on his face. I love it. He is now mostly walking and only results to scooting when absolutely necessary. It is so fun to watch.

My little brother Zach and his family rented a house in Long Beach, California so we decided to pick up and go to Disneyland. We are so excited! We leave this weekend. I absolutely love Disneyland! The first time we took Mady when she was 2 1/2 years old and I was pregnant with Elizabeth. Ryan likes to make fun of me because when we were walking in the entrance there was Disney music playing and Mady was so excited, I was excited and I started to cry. It was pretty funny but wonderful. Hopefully I will be able to keep my emotions in check. We are pretty excited!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"For our Good"

My heart is aching tonight for my dear dear friends. They had to say goodbye to their 4 day old baby yesterday. This has ripped at my heart. I can't seem to stop crying. I just want to hold my babies and never let them go. I hate to ask the question "why" and I won't, but trying to find comfort and understanding I was searching and found these quotes that speak truth to my soul.

"An understanding of Christ’s plan of redemption helps put it all into perspective. In our preexistent state our Father in Heaven presented His plan for mortality, which Alma described as the “plan of happiness” (Alma 42:8). I believe we all understood that by coming to earth, we would be exposed to all of the experiences of earth life, including the not-so-pleasant trials of pain, suffering, hopelessness, sin, and death. There would be opposition and adversity. And if that was all we knew about the plan, I doubt if any of us would have embraced it, rejoicing, “That’s what I have always wanted—pain, suffering, hopelessness, sin, and death.” But it all came into focus, and it became acceptable, even desirable, when an Elder Brother stepped forward and offered that He would go down and make it all right. Out of pain and suffering He would bring peace. Out of hopelessness He would bring hope. Out of transgression He would bring repentance and forgiveness. Out of death He would bring the resurrection of lives. And with that explanation and most generous offer, each and every one of us concluded, “I can do that. That is a risk worth taking.” And so we chose."

After all that I have experienced with Daxton and being a witness to many other heart friends journeys, experiencing the grief of losing a beloved Grandmother and Uncle and many more challenges that I have faced in my life, it does give me great comfort to know that there is a plan for me and all of us. We knew what we would face and we knew that it would be worth it. The sweet far outweighs the bitter. I don't know why my son was spared and others are not. All I know is that there are no words to express my gratitude that I am able to raise him here on this earth and that I am able to see his wonderful milestones. There is a plan and it is for our Good.

Please keep my friends in your prayers.

The rest of this article is very beautiful and worth the few minutes it take to read. - Liahona Article - For Thy Good

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daxton Walking

This is actually Ryan. Wanting to post these vids I took of the Daxton walking. He's doing awesome!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the Women were sobbin...........

We are heavily involved with Woods Cross High Schools production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My mother-in-law is the Director, my mom is the Technical Director and choreographer, both Mady and Ellie are in the play and I am the hair dresser for the show and will be running lights for the show.

This is one of my most favorite musicals so it has been a lot of fun. The girls just love it and are singing and dancing all day long.

The show runs from Jan 28-Feb 16th with matinees on Feb 6th and 13th. The show starts at 7pm and runs about 2 hours. Ticket prices are $5-$8. You can call the ticket office for tickets at 801-402-4611.

I promise you will not leave disappointed. The girls would love to see you there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye ritual

My sweet little Elizabeth has a ritual now that must be done in accordance when saying goodbye or we have a catastrophic meltdown. This is how it plays out.

Me-"Mommy has to run to the store I will be right back"
Ellie-"No, don't leave me"
Me-"I will be right back and if you don't cry I will bring you back a treat"
Ellie-"I want to come"
Me-"I will be right back"
(this is where the sobbing begins-when I say sobbing I mean Ellie sobbing)
Ellie"Mom(saying this while crying) I love you, don't leave me, hold me, Happy Holidays."
Me-"I love you too, I will see you in a minute"
Ellie-(still sobbing)"love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Happy Holidays"
Ellie-(starting to panic cry)"Mom, Mom, I love you Happy Holidays"
Me-(she is now grasping onto me)"Sweetie go get Daddy I will be right back, I love you"
Ellie-(still crying) "I love you, I want to come"
Daddy finally comes and takes her, I actually walk out the door and half way to my car.
Ellie-(running while sobbing) "Mom, I love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Ellie I love you too, Happy Holidays, go back inside"
Ellie-(watching mom drive away yells one more) "Happy Holidays"

It is very adorable, yet annoying. This goes on even if I am just going to get the mail. I am now starting to sneak out to avoid long drawn out over dramatized productions. This morning she put the piano bench in front of the door so Mady could not leave for school. She cracks me up. Love this girl, she defiantly makes my life exciting.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Public Display

Today I went to lunch with Ellie and Daxton to one of my favorite sandwich shops. It was time to feed Daxton and as usual would not let a significant amount of food pass his cute little lips. So I pulled out the tube and began feeding him. I have never fed him through his button in a public restaurant before and was concerned by the onlookers. There was one lady who would not stop staring every time I looked over she was looking at us. It made me very uncomfortable. It was one of those moments when you feel like everyone is staring at you but you are probably just being paranoid. I was getting so frustrated because all Daxton wanted to do was stand up and make a mess and to add to the joys Ellie decided today would be a good day to be as loud as possible every second of the day. I just felt overwhelmed. It was very unsettling.

So my question to all you tube feeding Mommy's, what do you do when you feed your kids in public? What is the "etiquette" for such feedings? And also I am wondering if you a "normal" person who has not seen a tube feeding before would it gross you out to see it in public and if it does what could we do to not gross you out?

Daxtons last cardiology appointment was Thursday and he had gained a little bit of weight. We met with the nutritionist again and we set some different goals. I was hoping that we could pull him off of tube feeds but it is not looking like that will be in the cards for awhile. They did start him on a new medicine that helps make him have a stronger appetite. Hopefully this will help.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Confessions

Ok so last year sometime I blogged about my goal to run a half-marathon. I started to train I really did. I got up to about 4 miles and I thought to myself "what am I doing?" "I don't want to run 13ish miles" I realized how silly it was when I drove from my parents house to my bank then up to my Uncles house then back home and it was barely 3 miles. I thought that is pure insanity. So I stopped. I admire those that can get up at the bottom crack of dawn and run but I am not that person. I love love love my sleep. So that is my confession, Wow, I feel a whole lot better.

Having said all of that here is part 2 of my insanity quest.

My big brother has invited me to be part of the Wastach Back Relay Race. This race consists of 12 team members running from Logan to Park City. Does this sound a little bit suicidal to anyone else. I really did try to talk myself out of it the other day but my brother would have none of it. So the training begins. Does this sound fun? No. Will it be fun? Probably. But I probably won't admit that until the end. So wish me luck I will most defiantly need it. And I will not not not quit this, no matter if it kills me. And yes saying that sends shivers down my spine and gives me an instant stomach ache, but I will prevail!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big news at the Cook Home!

Last night Daxton took his first steps!! Ya for you big boy!! Today he is determined to not let that happen again but we know that he knows how, so you can't pretend anymore little bud. That is a great way to start out 2010!! I will try and capture it on film, but no promises.