Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cardiology clinic

Today Daxton had his monthly cardiology clinic. We started out the day with labs. This is usually the hardest part of the visit, nobody likes to be stuck with a needle. Today was unusually awful. The lab tech first tried once with a no go so I had her call IV team, they came and attempted to get some blood from my brave little man. It took them 5 more tries to get barely enough blood to do all of the blood work that is necessary for all of the tests. Poor Daxton was screaming the entire time. He feel asleep for literally one minute during I think the 4th attempt just out of pure exhaustion. Most times I can handle the blood draws ok but today was awful for me to watch. Afterward I just wanted to sit and cry. We both made it and the rest of clinic went swimmingly. I love our transplant team they are all such amazing people. I feel like they are part of our family. All of his labs turned out great, his echo looks great. He has finally had some good weight gain. Last clinic he was 7.6 kilos and now he is 7.9!! So he weighs 17 lbs 6 oz!!! You get em tiger. He is just overall doing awesome.

I have wanted to update on all of Daxtons accomplishments lately. He is sitting up all by himself! The big great news for us is that he is eating like a champ. He will eat anything and will feed himself. He likes to eat on the go a lot so I will give him some cheese or some bread and he will just scoot around eating it. It is so exciting for us to see him eating well. It seems like right after I have a hard week worrying and stressing about his developement and growth he seems to just pick up the pace and get things done. It is like he is telling me to just chill out, he will get there.

I never ever forget where we have been with Daxton but somedays it hits me especially strong that he is a such a miracle. That him being here scooting on the ground, screaming at his sisters(also a new found talent as of late), learning to walk, and all of his fun little quirks, all of these are miracles! I am so so grateful for my little man. He is such a true joy. Our new goals are to get him to pull himself up to standing position and work on walking. You can do it Daxton! My girls are calling Daxton-Daxy. I am not quite sure about this new found nick name. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No go.

So we did not end up speaking on Sunday. Ryan caught the bug that has been running amuck at our house and my oldest darling was so sick. I also was fighting a sinus infection so we thought it best to stay home and not spread the love. We are all feeling great now. I finally feel like we are back in the land of the living.
Thank you all so much for your sharing your thoughts and experiances with me. I know that we will be talking soon so I will hopefully be talking on the same subject and get to share your stories with them. I just watched this video and I loved it. This is what helps me with my burdens.
I also have some fantastic, exciting, miraculous news! Daxton can now sit up all by himself. I know I know it may not seem like a lot, however he is almost 18 months and has refused to sit up. But now he is doing it!! Yahoo! I am so proud of him. He gets pretty upset at me when I lay him down just so I can watch him sit back up. I love it! He amazes me! Sitting up-check-next step walking.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That their burdens may be light.

So Ryan and I have been asked to give a talk at church on Sunday. This is the shortest amount of time we have been in a ward before we were asked to give a talk. We will try our best. I was hoping that all you lovely people could help me. If you would be able to share a story with me about someone/something has helped your burdens be lighter I would love your input. Thanks a bunch!!
Don't be shy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Year Transplant Anniversary!

Daxtons one year transplant anniversary was on Sept 10, 2009. This has been an emotional post for me. There are so many emotions recalling last years event. The miracles that we have witnessed have been very humbling. We are so grateful for our Savior and his mercy and love.
We feel so blessed and we are excited to pay it forward.

We were not able to do a big celebration for Daxtons first birthday so I decided we could do a big celebration of life for his one year transplant anniversary. We had a wonderful time with friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones. We once again were overwhelmed by the love and support of all of those around us. Thank you for your continued support. We love you all so much!!

We went to visit Transplant team and say Thank you for all their amazing support!!

Getting a snoozer before the big party.

In memory of our Donor..We would not be here without your priceless gift.

Let the Party Begin!!

Dax and Nana Julie

Poppy Cook making balloon animals.

My daddy with his balloon creation!

We love you Nurse Peggy

Nana Julie and Nana Janet with the grandkids

Daxtons pediatrician the amazing Dr. Allred.

Our wonderful, amazing, fantastic, brilliant Transplant team.

Daxton hanging out with the beautiful Princess Aurora(Lauren)

My childhood girlfriends

Heart mommies and Heart babies

Wonderful supportive friends!

We love you!

Great Grandpa Tonge

Love my fam-damily

Kaidance and Daxton two miracle babies!!

We had a wonderful celebration. We are so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate
with our little man. We are so grateful for our donor. We pray for you and your healing and happiness. Thank you for your selfless gift. We love you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super Slacker

I have so much I want to post about but for now I will just talk about what is going on right now. We are all sick. Daxton started us out a week and a half ago. Ellie has been super sick since last Thursday, Mady started getting sick yesterday and I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Hopefully it will skip Ryan and that Daxton won't get this bug again. Besides being sick we are doing good. We are settled in our new home and love it! I still can't believe that we have our own home. It is so fun.
I absolutely love love this time of year. This past week we went up Farmington canyon and had a weiny roast. It felt so good to be in the mountain surrounded by the beautiful fall colors. I love getting the Halloween decorations out, I love deciding what the kids are going to be for Halloween. Thankfully this year the costumes will be low maintanance. Daxton is going to be a dog so we are trying to teach him to bark. He does it everyone once in, he does a high pitch little yelp. It is cute. We still have a few weeks to work on it.
Hopefully the rain will stop for a little bit tomorrow so we can set up our graveyard in the front yard. If not we will rest a little bit. Isn't life grand!!