Friday, July 1, 2011


I just love love summer! This has been a very relaxing, no stress summer. All my kids sleep through the night and occasionally sleep in, which is so nice. The girls are taking summer ballet and we will be taking swimming lessons in August. But besides those two things we have no commitments.

My mother-in-law bought a cricket for the girls and Mady has been loving scrap booking. She finally learned how to ride a bike a few weeks ago and is in love. She wants to ride every where we go. She was sooo scared to learn how to ride. She kept putting it off and finally one day my mom took her up to her church parking lot and she picked it right up. I am so proud of her. It is so wonderful to see her accomplish something that she didn't think possible.

Ellie has a best neighbor friend named Lily who is at our house more than not. They are two peas in a pod, they have the same personalities and share the same exact birthday. It is fun to have them playing(most of the time.) Ellie is so excited for kindergarten and tells everyone that will listen.

Daxton is growing fast. He just graduated to a big boy bed. The first night was very rough and made me nervous but since then he has slept through the night. I love having him wake me up in the morning. He turned 3 in May. We had a fun celebration with the family and then we took him to see Thomas the Train. He had a lot of fun. Medically he is doing great. We had clinic two weeks ago and everything looks wonderful. We had an appointment yesterday at the "Fun" clinic. It is a clinic for eating issues. We met with with a Nutritionist, Pediatrician that is expert in stomach stuff, and a social worker. It was very nice to talk to someone who understands how frustrating it is with Daxtons eating issues. He is still throwing up and can't tolerate more the 6 oz. of fluid. They put us on two stomach meds, changed his formula and we are going to a feeding therapist. I pray we will have progress with that this year.

As for Ryan and I we have turned a new page in our lives. We both were so tired of being over weight and inactive so we started going to a local workout center called GPP Fitness. I have been going for 2 months and have lost 23 pounds and lots of inches. Ryan has been going for a month and lost 6 pounds and is slimming down and getting stronger. It is amazing how much better we feel. We are wanting to teach our children to be healthy so we are changing a lot of aspects in our lives and it feels great!! But we still have a long way to go.

Thanks for checking in on us.