Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolutly Amazing!!

This is an incredible story that I wanted to share. I was privileged to meet this miracle man and his sweet little mommy the other day. I just love science and the giant leaps that it is making. Enjoy......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two years old!!!

A big huge Happy Birthday to my baby boy!!!

Two years ago right now I was in labor with my little man. It was a long emotional labor(36 hours). We had just found out three days before that our son had a heart condition. The word "roller coaster" is a great way to describe our emotions. We were determined to look on the bright side of things and to put our faith in trust in our Father in Heaven who knows all and who had ours and Daxtons best interest in mind.

He came out fighting. When we decided to name him Daxton we looked up the meaning of his name and there was none documented. Since the beginning he has fought many battles and has risen above them, thus the meaning of his name is "Warrior". Ryan gave him the nickname Daxtonius Parkerius. He has and still is living up to his name. He is starting to get a wonderful little temper. When he doesn't want something that I am trying to give him he hits his head with both his hands. I wonder what he is trying to accomplish?

In his two short little years Daxton has:

-survived a heart cath at 3 days old
-survived a heart surgery at 5 days old
-survived 2 1/2 months on a ventilator
-had his first smile while on the ventilator
-survived a heart transplant on Sept. 10 2008 at three months old.
-lived through a g-tube placement surgery-because he was not gaining weight and is still struggling gaining weight.
-has endured innumerable blood draws, pokes, probes, etc.
-has lived through 3 additional heart caths and will need one once a year for his entire life.
-he struggled crawling, walking, eating but now is doing all of these like a champ....well the eating we could work on a lot more.
-enduring life at home with two very loving and protective sisters and always with a Smile!!!

Daxton loves his:
-Mom and Dad
-Dog,Xander(honestly the only reason I have kept the dog is because of how much Dax loves him)
-choo choo train, especially Thomas
-watching "How to train your Dragon" and "Thomas"
-playing outside
-toy cars
-and we found out today he loves swimming

I love this little man! I am so eternally grateful that he is a part of our little family and I am his mother!!

His birthday present from the cardiology team is to let him go from three times a day meds to twice a day!!!!! To those who know this is HUGE for us!! Since his transplant we have been giving meds at 8am 4pm and 12am. It is so nice to not have to give that late night dose. I am a happy camper!!

So thanks to our Donor family and our Savior my little Dax man celebrates two years of wonderful, glorious, amazing life!!!!

I love you little man!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up

I have not posted for a while and I thought I would just update with whats been going on. The girls have been keeping busy with the dinner theatre. They did a dance to Itsy Bitsy Bikini with their cousins Kiara and Kayli. They all had a lot of fun dancing and interacting with the high school kids. Last night was closing night and I am so glad that it is over.

We are rounding down the school year with lots of activities; dance programs, school tests, school programs, etc. May is always such a busy month.

My Dax man is growing so fast. He is a professional walker now and is getting faster and more independent. He has been eating really really well up until a few days ago. He seems to have a little bug and doesn't want to eat. It is times like these that I am exceptionally grateful for the g-tube. For easter he got a Thomas choo choo train which he absolutely loves. He loves anything boy; cars, trucks, dragons, and banging things. (Even his head when he is having a terrible two temper tantrum) But he still stays in touch with his feminine side by playing with his sisters and their barbies. We took Daxton to the full 3 hours of church last week for mothers day. He wasn't to sure about it, it was very exhausting but wonderful to have him there. He is so wonderful. I am so incredibly grateful that he is with us and we can watch him grow and develop, Thanks to our donor family and the Lord
Ryan started school again and hopefully will continue until the finish line. He is so close we just need to keep our eye on the prize. I am training for the Wasatch Back Relay right now and that is all consuming. I wonder if there will ever be a time when i can just go exercising without stressing about it all day. Probably not, but I do really enjoy running when I am finished with my run.

We are excited for the rain to stop and the sun to come out so we can come out and play and plant my garden.

p.s. I just added some random pictures that have nothing to do with the post, just for fun.