Monday, March 21, 2011

I should be sleeping but....

So my little man has learned a very not fun trick. He has learned how to projectile vomit on demand. He has always been very talented in the vomiting department but this is something new. He does it when he does not want to do something and that something is go to bed. Little Stinker, or should I say Big Stinker!!

We had his most recent cardiology appointment two weeks ago and everything is looking good, which we are very excited about. His white cells were elevated so we are having to do a few extra blood draws until that gets under control. After his appointment we got a call from out fabulous transplant team telling us that he is not growing-failing to thrive-I hate that expression, it makes me feel so inadequate, like I'm failing my child.
Anyway, we are an appointment with the "FUN" clinic. Which I am assuming they will tell us what we can do differently. We are tubing him every 2 1/2 hours he is starting to get a little bit of an appetite, which is good but they want me to work on getting him to eat real food but how am I supposed to do that and get weight on him and have him not throw everything up. It is such a fine line. I know that in a few years we will look back and say "wow, I'm glad that stage is over." But for now this is where we are and we will continue to work on it. With Daxton it has always been in his control, he will do it when he wants to and we will just have to be patient. Thus is the story of my life.
Besides the eating dilemma things are going great. He is a typical 2 year old who is into everything, he is Mr. Destructo. He enters a room and has to make sure everything is on the floor where he thinks it belongs. He LOVES to play with water. He could play "potions" for hours. I just let the kitchen sink trickle a little and he fills cups up and pours them into other cups. He loves it.

Well thanks for checking in on us. The rest of us are doing well, just plugging along and trying to do the best we know how to do.