Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi All!!

We are home! After some begging and pleading and pulling a few strings we got to leave the hospital Friday around 5pm. I was begging and pleading because they wanted to make us stay longer because Daxton had thrown up twice in the morning. They had tested his blood sugar and it was really low-35. So they gave him an ounce of orange juice tested again, still low. Gave him another ounce of orange juice tested again and it was better. Then half an hour later he threw up all of his meds, then we regave the meds and he threw up again. I truly believe it was the orange juice. He had never had orange juice before and he is already on two medications to help his acid in his stomace. Anyway all that was being done was giving him pedialyte in his gtube and I told them that I could most definatly take care of that at home. So they let us go. Even though my house is in total disaray I am so glad to be home. Daxton is too, when I put him in his car seat he gave me this look of relief, poor little man. So we are doing better. No through up all day yesterday and today. He looks so much better and is smiling again.

On a differant note we have a heart friend that is starting their journey towards Heart Transplant. They are now at Primarys where they are going to have to stay until she recieves a new heart. Every prayer is needed for this little angel, her name is Gracie and you can visit her blog They are starting a journey full of ups and downs, but in the process will see the Lords hand in all his wonder. Send them your love and faith. Thank you!


Leslie said...

What a relief to be home! I'm happy for you. I cannot believe all that you have been through. You are a strong woman, Hilary. I love you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Ryan & Brytten Pettit said...

I'm so glad you are home, I have been standing by waiting to hear. Miss you, hope we can go out after all your sickness is gone!

Aimee and Hardy said...

Good work buddy! Glad you made it home and are feeling better.

Is it spring yet?

Hollie said...

I am so glad that you made it home! I swear that there are more nasty bugs in that hospital than anywhere else! I tried to stop in and see you before we left, but you were sleeping, so I just talked to Ryan for a bit. Hope things are going well now that you're home. Gimme a call at 801-687-5906, I'd like to see you when I'm up in Bountiful later this week!

Mindi said...

Yeah for home! We've been worried about you all week. Thanks for updating and we're so glad to hear all is going well.

Mindi and McKay

The Gee Family said...

Hey Hillary- Did you know that Tom Gledhill is my 2nd cousin? I was so glad to see you on their blog site with a posting. I'm sure it helps add reassurance for someone who has already gone through it. Gracie girl is so adorable and I know she is a fighter. Thanks for posting about them and letting people know to pray for Tom, Michele and their family it really means a lot. I'm glad to know Dax is doing well and that you guys are home again. We will pray for you guys too. Keep the faith. The Gee Family