Friday, March 6, 2009


Nothing like a few days of personal torment to get you focused on the important things in life and make your relationships stronger. Maybe that is why we are given the challenges we are. Thank you everyone for your concern. It does feel good to vent and let emotions out there. I am normally not one to ask "Why?" Because honestly it doesn't change anything we are still left to deal with the same situation. So I will let that "why" go in the void and have faith that in the next life maybe we can have answers. I know that my Savior suffered for all of us and never asked "why". He suffered because he loves us, all of us!

On another note I have recently been following the blog of Paul Cardell, he was born with the same condition as Dax, he has had multiple surgerys and is now 35 years old and awaiting a heart transplant. He has a wife and a beautiful little girl. He is a amazingly gifted musician and has numerous CD's that are so peaceful and inviting. This past week the Deseret News did a article about him and his wait, I found it very insightful. It is amazing to read others transplant journey it is like reading my thoughts and emotions. What an amazing gift and sacrifice. Check out the article it is very insightful.,5143,705288890,00.html
You can also follow his blog and help pray for his new heart.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It was great talking with you. Call me if you need anything and we can get the kiddos together to play (or boss each other around, whatever works for them).

barrettandaudrey said...

I understand the asking "why" question! I guess that is why having faith is so important in this life! Someday we will understand "why" the Lord gave us our personal stumbling blocks, even if they are brought on by others actions. You are full of faith!! You can get through anything!