Friday, September 4, 2009

Heart Cath

Yesterday morning started out crazy getting the girls ready, Daxton ready and heading up to the hospital for his annual heart cath. We were late(shocker) so we had to have the IV team come and give him his IV so that we could get a prograf level(this is one of two rejection meds that he will be on his whole life). The IV team was amazing and got an IV on the first try. Hallelujah! We then waited and Daxton took a short little cat nap. Ryan and I walked him down to the cath lab and handed him over. The anestesiologist gave Daxton a little sedative through his IV before we handed him over, it was pretty hilarious he started looking loopy it was amazing how fast it affected him.
Ryan and I then went and got some delicious Rainbow Cafe food-oh how we missed the cafeteria food.
The cath took 3 hours. We went down to meet Dr. Cowley and he said that everything looks great! Great! I was so so nervous but everything looked great! We are still waiting on the biopsy results we will not know the results of those until some time today. We are hoping that they will show no signs of rejection.
After the cath we had to wait in post-op for 6 1/2 hours. YIKES!! It was long. The doctors orders were that he had to lay flat for 4 hours and some how it turned into 6+ hours. Oh well. Ryan and I got to spend a little alone time in our semi private room and Dax and I just snuggled. He is still tired today but seems to be happy to be home. I have pictures to post but I can't find my camera bag so I will have to do that later. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts!! We appreciate them so much.


Leslie said...

Wow! That's such great news. What a little miracle! I'm amazed to hear you talk about it. You and Ryan must have grown so much from this entire experience. Miracles still happen today. What a testimony! Love you.

Hollie said...

I'm so glad to hear that things went so smoothly! Give that little trooper a big hug from us! You're in my prayers that you'll get super good news today as well!
Love and miss you!

Staci said...

I am so grateful to hear that cath went well! I saw the post and was terrified ( I didn't think about it being your annual cath) I am glad Dax tolerated it well and am anxious to hear the biopsy results.
Keep up the good work, I would love to come see your house when you are settled.

Staci(Bridger's mom)

Orley said...

You forgot to mention a visit by Dax's favorite SW...