Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cardiology clinic

Today Daxton had his monthly cardiology clinic. We started out the day with labs. This is usually the hardest part of the visit, nobody likes to be stuck with a needle. Today was unusually awful. The lab tech first tried once with a no go so I had her call IV team, they came and attempted to get some blood from my brave little man. It took them 5 more tries to get barely enough blood to do all of the blood work that is necessary for all of the tests. Poor Daxton was screaming the entire time. He feel asleep for literally one minute during I think the 4th attempt just out of pure exhaustion. Most times I can handle the blood draws ok but today was awful for me to watch. Afterward I just wanted to sit and cry. We both made it and the rest of clinic went swimmingly. I love our transplant team they are all such amazing people. I feel like they are part of our family. All of his labs turned out great, his echo looks great. He has finally had some good weight gain. Last clinic he was 7.6 kilos and now he is 7.9!! So he weighs 17 lbs 6 oz!!! You get em tiger. He is just overall doing awesome.

I have wanted to update on all of Daxtons accomplishments lately. He is sitting up all by himself! The big great news for us is that he is eating like a champ. He will eat anything and will feed himself. He likes to eat on the go a lot so I will give him some cheese or some bread and he will just scoot around eating it. It is so exciting for us to see him eating well. It seems like right after I have a hard week worrying and stressing about his developement and growth he seems to just pick up the pace and get things done. It is like he is telling me to just chill out, he will get there.

I never ever forget where we have been with Daxton but somedays it hits me especially strong that he is a such a miracle. That him being here scooting on the ground, screaming at his sisters(also a new found talent as of late), learning to walk, and all of his fun little quirks, all of these are miracles! I am so so grateful for my little man. He is such a true joy. Our new goals are to get him to pull himself up to standing position and work on walking. You can do it Daxton! My girls are calling Daxton-Daxy. I am not quite sure about this new found nick name. What do you think?


Leslie said...

What a wonderful update! I get teary every time I read your posts. You have seen such great miracles in your family. Amazing. Just amazing. There's really nothing more to say. I love you.

Sundie said...

Miracle is right! So true! I'm so glad to hear he is doing so well! What a Champ! You all have come a long way... isn't amazing to be where you are now?! Life is wonderful, as is all of our heart babies!
Take care and Hugs!

Mindi said...

Who doesn't love bread and cheese? He's here for a reason Hillary--that little man will change hearts for the rest of his life. Good luck raising a bona fide miracle--no pressure :).


Little Bear and Peanut said...

Oh yuck, the blood draws are horrible! We just ask for the IV team up front now. So fun to see the milestones being met! Congratulations.

(Mom to Emma, TOF)

Cason Clan said...

That's awesome that he's doing good! Last visit Ellie had her blood draws first and those never seem to get any easier for me either. She started crying as soon as we entered the room. They learn so quickly. These babies are true miracles! I keep telling myself there is a reason she is still here. Anyway, we moved up to Bountiful so let's get together sometime. Becca

Juliann said...

So glad he's doing well. Just amazing how much he has been through. So sorry you had such a wretched experience doing his lab work.

I like the nickname, by the way. :)

ang said...

Oh Hilary I miss you! I am so glad Dax is just doing so great! He is so darling and I miss seeing you guys at clinic. Take care and keep posting his progress, we love to read it! Ü

Mimi said...

Oh- I feel you on the poking. It is so so difficult. Our last blood draw the labs weren't in and they paged our docs and we waited FOREVER- when I could have just ran downstairs. woopsie.

We have one main guy who does all of our blood draws. He is amazing. He somehow has a sixth sense about those veins.

I am so so happy Mr. Dax is doing so well- it's so refreshing for me to know that other families are doing the same thing and feel the same way- and it's just comforting.

He truly is a miracle!!

Kristin said...

Go, Daxy, go! It's okay, my sisters call Lucas "Banjo." Go figure?
How exciting that is doing so well. Thanks for the peanut butter bars, they were great!! You have been so good to our little family. We wish the best for you and hope Dax keeps improving!