Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Too long.....

I have so much to catch up on but I am not going to. That just overwhelms me. So I will start with today.

Today Mady is in the 4th grade and is loving it! It is very refreshing because we had a really hard year last year. Lots and Lots of girl drama. She has an amazing teacher that she just adores. They have been learning the dance to "Thriller" and Mady is so excited. She is a busy little bee with dance, piano, achievement days, homework and just being an awesome big sister.

Miss Ellie started the 1st grade. I can't believe how grown up she is. It makes me so sad/happy. She also loves her teacher Mrs. Shallenberger and just thinks she is the funniest person in the world. Ellie is taking dance but does not love it as much. She cries almost every Friday when I take her. Poor thing. We tried piano this last month. She did great at her lesson but then when it came to practicing she would NOT do it. I decided I would rather have one less thing to fight her on so we will wait until next year and try again. Her birthday is on Sunday and we are going to have a fun celebration tomorrow. I love that her birthday is in October, so many fun things to do.

My Dax Man is growing, growing and growing. We celebrated his 4th anniversary since Transplant on Sept 10th. He amazes me everyday. He is going to preschool Mon-Thurs. That is really hard for me, I wish it was just two or three days a week but I know that he needs the extra help so I am grateful for that. He is communicating so much better and even other people can understand him. He is eating better and loves pancakes. He wants pancakes for every meal. I still tube him a few times a day depending on what and how much he has eaten. Last clinic visit he was down in weight so cardiology was on me for that. I have to say that is one of the most frustrating things. I try not to tube him so he can feel hungry and eat but then he goes down in weight, etc, etc. It will get better, eventually.

Ryan had a big year. He finally graduated from College!!! I am so proud of him. It took a lot of perseverance and dedication. Now he is the job search mode, which is just another barrel of laughs. It is a weird transition. Neither of us are quite sure how to handle it but we are working on it. Ryan also got called as Assistant Scout Master. I think it is the perfect calling for him. He was an awesome Boy Scout and will help the boys in our ward succeed. And he gets to go on lots of fun camping trips.

I have joined a choir and am having fun with that. We have a concert this weekend at Libby Gardner Hall. This has been a really hard couple of weeks. My sweet heart mom Mimi lost her little girl who received her angel heart when she was 4 months old. They were on Mia's Make a Wish trip to Disney World when she got sick and didn't recover. My heart is literally breaking for Mimi. I know that she will get to continue raising her in the next life and I know that she is perfect. I know all this just like I know the sky is blue but my heart and soul still ache for her. That has completely consumed me these last few weeks. I am ever so grateful for my Savior and that he knows all of our pains, fear, sorrow, joys, and heartaches and he is there to comfort. I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that Families ARE Eternal!!

I am going to do much better documenting life. I will have pictures soon. Our hard drive is on the fritz.


Katie and Tyler said...

Yay! I'm glad you're blogging again.

Cullen said...

Welcome back to blogging! It's great to read your family's news!

Cullen said...

Loved the update! I miss you guys more than I can say! I love you!!!


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