Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy Bees.....

So far we have had a very busy fun month. Starting off with Dinner Theatre. It is such a fun
production put on by Woods Cross High. It is a collaboration of a lot of differant songs, and dance numbers. Mary O. and hubby were able to come and see it, we had a lot of fun.

My Dancing Queens....Mady, Ellie and my little sister Mallory. Their spring concert so cute!!

Daxton can now sit all by himself!! This is him and his girlfriend Hazel.

My favorite boys getting hair cuts.

The race for the cure! My mom is a survivor of Breast cancer. She has had it twice and went through a masectomy. She is a super trooper and has endured it so well. Every year we do the race it is a very humbling experiance.

We needed to get out and have some fun as a family so we went to the Lagoon Walkway. It was a nice hike/walk. I highly recommend it for a nice family outing. You walk behind Lagoon and can see some of the animals. It is very pretty well kept paved hike. We had a lot of fun.


Orley said...

In the pictures titled "my favorite boys getting hair cuts" I have a question. How come Ryan's shirt is made of the same material as the pillows that Dax is sitting between?

Hollie said...

Sounds like you've had a super busy month, but it looks like it's been a fun kind of busy. Glad to see you go out and about! I hope things continue to go well for you!
Love ya!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina

Mike and Rebecca said...

it's so great to see you guys out having fun! Keep up the good work!
love Rebecca

Callgirl said...

We love the Lagoon trail. Since we live right by it we walk it frequently, we love it.

Orley said...

ne more thing... in the family pic with DAx in the carseat... ther is a sign hanging down that says "please wash your hands before touching mine" then you look to the right and your daughter is picking her nose... AWESOME!