Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Thoughts...

This weekend was the KSL telethon for Primary Childrens Hospital. Last year at this time our heart journey was just beginning. I remember watching it in picu while Daxton was recovering from his first surgery the BT Shunt. The story that had a huge impact on me was Paul Cardall. He and Daxton had the same heart condition-minus Daxtons coronary anomaly-I remember crying and thinking that if he had made it to age 35 there was hope for my son. I remember the feeling of overwhelming comfort. If there were ever moments that Paul wondered "Why? Why do I have to go through all of this?" One of the answers to that question is that Hilary needed to hear your story so that I could have hope and faith for me and my child. I thank my Heavenly Father and Savior for their love for me in knowing that I would need to hear Pauls story. Paul is currently on the Heart Transplant list waiting. We pray that his miracle day will be in the near future.

A few years ago I had started seeing a counciler for some issues from my childhood-the therapist told me at our first visit that the positive would far outweigh the negative in this experiance. I first I thought "um, ya right there is nothing positive in what I have been through." But as the years have passed I now know that he was absoulutly correct. I have learned some lifes lessons that have made me the person I am today. I can honestly say that I am thankful for what I have been taught. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and I feel the exact same way about this past year with everything we have had to go through. The positive has far outweighed the negative! My marriage is stronger, I have a deeper appreciation for living in the moment and to not take anything for granted. We have met so many spectacular people who we feel honored to know and be associated with. We have witnessed many mighty Miracles, our faith and testimony have grown. We have witnessed first hand the love and compassion our Heavenly Father and Savior have for each and everyone of his children. There are many many more lessons we have learned and many more to be learned.

On a side note-I have decided to train for a half marathon. I have not yet signed up for one but I will be starting my training tomorrow with a three mile run...wish me luck!


Callgirl said...

That's awesome. I would love to do a half-marathon!

The Simmons Family said...

Great entry! Paul's story is very inspiring and does give HOPE to all of us raising a heart babe.

GOOD LUCK on the 1/2 marathon training! I cannot run. I despise it. People that do, I am amazed by. GO GIRL!

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful post. Trials definitely have a purpose in molding us into who our Heavenly Father would have us be. You're amazing!

I'm so excited for you to train for a half. Sooo much fun:) If you need a running buddy let me know!

Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

Oh Hilary. I just love your thoughts and your positivity. I love to be around you, you have been such a good friend to me, I have learned so much from you. Thanks so much for sharing that.

Orley said...

Pretend Ryan and the kids are behind you asking for things... "Mom, I need my dress fixed!" or "Hil, where's my clean shirt?" etc... You'll run sooo fast - no one will catch you!

Mindi said...

Hooray for Daxton's miraculous first year and hooray for his miracle of a momma. You are remarkable Hilary! Let me know what half you're running (is it Provo?) I'll be there and would love to cheer you on!

LL said...

I just love you miss Hillary.
Way to look at things with a positive light. You've always been such a fun, stong, upbeat person!
You're a joy to be around.
Can't believe your baby is ONE!
he's adorable!!!