Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Things

My wonderful Friend Natalie tagged me to write 10 random things about myself. Here goes it....

These are in no specific order of importance.

1. I love Football!!! Love everything about. I love watching it on TV, i love going to games. I love eating chick-fila at the Utes stadium(YUMMY)!! I look forward all week for Friday and Saturday night football.

2. I have a guilt complex. I feel guilty 97.5% of the time. I don't know how to stop it.

3. I miss my Grandma every day.

4. I love movies. Some of my favorites are "White Christmas", "Meet me in St. Louis" I love most Judy Garland movies. My guilty pleasure movie is "Bridget Jones Diary" I love Jane Austen type movies; "Jane Eyre", "Pride and Prejudice"(new and old),"North and South"
I love going to the movies. My favorite movie treat is Extra Extra Butter popcorn with milk duds. You put a bite of both of these in your mouth and it is like carmel popcorn, mmmm, yummy!!!

5. I have a thing for fresh crayons. I want to buy a pack every time I see one. They just make me happy. There is just something about coloring a picture with a brand new crayon. Love it!!

6. I love to bake. Not cook, Bake. One bowl, several measuring cups and spoons, one pan=magic. In college I would look up a new recipe each day and go home and make it. I loved making apple pies(even though I hate eating apple pies).

7. I will share this next one only if you promise the next time you see me you will not do any of the following. Deal. I have A LOT of pet peeves. The main ones can go under the category of mouth noises. Any and All mouth noises. Comping your food, chewing your gum loudly, cleaning out your teeth with your tongue, chewing gum at all, and last but most definitely not least clicking your tongue. That one tops the charts. When I was little my brothers knew that this bothered me and they would do it often just to upset me. Well one night when my parents were gone they were clicking their tongues at me. I got so upset that I dialed 911 and screamed in the phone and then hung up. Guess who showed up at our house moments later. Try explaining that to two police officers.

8-I have two hidey toes. Two of my toes hide behind the one next to them. When I was younger I thought that everyones toes looked like mine, until my dear friend Lara Lee made fun of them. It still doesn't bother me. One of the sweetest moments of my life is when my first baby was born and one of the first things we noticed was that she had toes just like mine. It was amazing!

9- I love to sing in the shower. Some of my favorites are of course Broadway tunes. "Memory" from Cats, "Les Miserables" "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" I like to sing loud and it doesn't matter what it sounds like. I just imagine I am on stage and I have the best voice in the world.

10- I would love to have a soundtrack to my everyday doings. Everything would be more exciting set to music. Your first kiss, break ups, losing a job, your babies being born. Even the normal every day stuff; baths, meals, driving kids to school, discussions with your spouse, homework. Everything would be better set to music.

11- I'm cheating and adding another one. I love when people comment on my blog. :)

I now tag......Juliann, MaryAnn, Tara, Erin. Have fun.


Melissa said...

wow, it's fun to see that we have a lot in common!

Kevin and Amber said...

I hate hate hate mouth sounds too. Especially other people kissing yuck. I don't know how many times I've yelled at Kevin for chomping even though he's just eating normal. He says he has thin cheeks.

Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

The mouth sounds story is awesome, I have a 911 story too (I will share another time)

I love that you love fresh crayons, I was impressed at how much I had never heard of but I still knew a lot.
That was awesome.

Kara said...

I love new crayons too. I can't stop buying them for Ashton,even when I know he is just going to break them.

Kristin said...

Loved the post! How fun! I'm gonna do this on my blog!!

Cullen said...

Amen to the mouth sounds. Every time I go to do laundry, and someone comes walking through doing that . . . I seriously think I'm going to snap one day and go postal.

Cason Clan said...

I will comment because I too love to know that people are actually reading my blog. I too love football! Especially Utah football. Not big on the pro stuff. But it's nice to know that another girl gets as excited as I do for it. However, today's game was hard to watch, but I am a true fan, win or lose. Maybe we will see you at the games.

Becca (Ellie's Mom)

Callgirl said...

Hil- I did mine, I know shocking. It took me a long time to come up with my list. I also love new crayons. It is a good thing they are fairly cheap.

Juliann said...

LOVED this, Hilary!! I will totally do it, by the way. Mine will be much more freaky and weird...I have a feeling, but I'll do it anyway. I knew a lot of those things about you! I totally get the whole fresh crayon thing. I've always felt that way.

Juliann said...

Just did it!

Erin said...

I know I'm a little late...but would you believe I actually just posted my 10 random things! Thanks for choosing me. Miss you!