Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye ritual

My sweet little Elizabeth has a ritual now that must be done in accordance when saying goodbye or we have a catastrophic meltdown. This is how it plays out.

Me-"Mommy has to run to the store I will be right back"
Ellie-"No, don't leave me"
Me-"I will be right back and if you don't cry I will bring you back a treat"
Ellie-"I want to come"
Me-"I will be right back"
(this is where the sobbing begins-when I say sobbing I mean Ellie sobbing)
Ellie"Mom(saying this while crying) I love you, don't leave me, hold me, Happy Holidays."
Me-"I love you too, I will see you in a minute"
Ellie-(still sobbing)"love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Happy Holidays"
Ellie-(starting to panic cry)"Mom, Mom, I love you Happy Holidays"
Me-(she is now grasping onto me)"Sweetie go get Daddy I will be right back, I love you"
Ellie-(still crying) "I love you, I want to come"
Daddy finally comes and takes her, I actually walk out the door and half way to my car.
Ellie-(running while sobbing) "Mom, I love you, Happy Holidays"
Me-"Ellie I love you too, Happy Holidays, go back inside"
Ellie-(watching mom drive away yells one more) "Happy Holidays"

It is very adorable, yet annoying. This goes on even if I am just going to get the mail. I am now starting to sneak out to avoid long drawn out over dramatized productions. This morning she put the piano bench in front of the door so Mady could not leave for school. She cracks me up. Love this girl, she defiantly makes my life exciting.


Becca said...

Haha! I love the Happy Holidays! It's the drama with a second child I tell ya. I just wrote about our drama queen too.

Becca-Ellie's mom

Mindi said...

Laughing out loud.

Cullen said...

Ellie sort of did this to me tonight when I left the high school. No crying or sobbing . . . just frequent "Happy Holidays!" as she followed me all the way to the door.

Then, when I was about 50 feet out the door, she opened it and yelled again "Happy Holidays! I love you! Bye!" so fast I could hardly make out the words! She cracks me up!

Natalie said...

Happy Holidays!

ang said...

That's so silly! What a cutie.

Hua said...


Such a cute post! Cracks me up. I hope you and your family had a great holiday season.

Director of Bloggers