Sunday, November 9, 2008

Downs and Ups!

This last week has been a week of ups and downs. We started out the week with Daxton having excess vomiting. He wouldn't keep anything down. I would feed him his bottle and then an hour later everything came up. I tried holding him the whole time and not lay him down but that didn't make any differance it still came up. He also had a lot of diarhea. I was covered in poop and puke, yuk! We have been through every outfit Daxton has, every towel and every t-shirt of mine. It was a fun couple of days. Wednesday night he cried and cried. He literally cried from one in the morning until seven am. He stopped crying when I put him in his car seat to take him to his doctors appointment. Ryan and I were both saying that they were going to admit him for sure. Well the appointment went well, Daxton was super happy and smiled and everyone(little stinker) All of his test results were excellent his echo looked really good. The consensus-Gas! He is now on medicine for acid-reflux. They also let me take out his feeding tube so we could see if that was causing some of the throw up issues. After taking that out he has only thrown up twice and it has been minimal amount. It is like night and day differance. He sleeps better, he eats better. He is just a happy boy! He is doing so well. Tomorrow marks our two month mark from transplant. My heart is full! I can't believe how far we have come. I feel so very grateful for our many wonderful blessings.

Thursday night I got to go to the Utah vs. TCU game! Oh man that was awesome!! It was so much fun. I am excited for the Utah/Byu game. Ryan and I get to go together on a date!! Yeh!!

We gave him rice cereal for the first time. He didn't seem to mind it, but we put that on pause until we get all of his stomach stuff taken care of. I will probably start again tomorrow. Ellie was such a little helper, she took lots of pictures for us. She loves her little brother.

We got our final bill from the hospital. Any guesses on how much three months in the intensive care, on a ventilator, and a heart transplant are? Give me your guesses and I will tell you later. This number is not including doctors, just the hospital. All I can say is thank heavens for insurance.

Here are some pictures, Daxton and I had a little photo shoot the other day while daddy and the girls were out. Enjoy!


Leslie said...

Oh Hilary! It's so wonderful to see these new pictures of Daxton. He's getting so big and chunky. I LOVE his cheeks. I'm so thankful things seem to be going so well. You're amazing. You and Ryan hug eachother for me, please. I miss you.

Christina said...

Wow, I am the first to guess. I say $1,250,000.00

hugs & prayers,
Jacob's momma

Callgirl said...

He is so blasted cute!!! It sounds like things are going well, that is wonderful! Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

YAY for no tubes! He looks so good! :) You need to post more pics or set up a show room in your house where we can come look at him through glass! haha! Let me know when we can watch the girls! We miss having you guys around! Love you lots!

Mindi said...

Yeah Daxton! Sounds like rotovirus if you ask me. Yuck. I am so glad he's feeling better. You are doing amazingly well. We are so happy for you. I'm guessing you have a $1million baby ~literally.

Heart hugs,
Mindi and McKay

Chelsee said...

Hey guys I just clicked on your blog from Brytten's I haven't been on it yet. I love it. I can't get over how cute he is. He is SO MUCH bigger than I last saw him. I am glad you guys are home. I hope everyone stays healthy and you can enjoy the holidays together. Hope you don't mind if I come visit your blog often.

Family Scads said...

He is SO cute! What an amazing little guy. Isn't it crazy how normal our little babies are after a transplant? I am so glad that he is doing so well. We had the same problem with vomiting when Beck had to NG tube and it truly was night and day difference when we took it out. I hope it gets to stay out for good for Daxton.

P.S - My husband will be so grateful that Beck has a transplant buddy who is a U of U fan!

Jon, Juliann, Anna, Andrew said...

Hmmm...not so surprising that YOUR child has gas issues!!!! :) Love ya, Hilton.

Orley said...

I'm gonna say 1.5 mil. Tell Dax that some girls are chubby chasers... and when he finds one send her my way!

Anonymous said...

WOW! He looks so good! I am so proud of him and he's not even mine!! Sounds like yall are doing good. My guess is 750,000 cause ours was somewhat close to that! haha


A change of Heart said...

He is so cute!! I can't wait for all of the tubes to be gone! He looks great!!!

I know it is over a million- well unless things aren't as expensive there, but we have been in the ICU for over 4 months and I know it is getting up there.

So, how long were in in the hosptial post transplant? Is he on cyclo? I was not prepared for everything post transplant because it didn't seem like it would ever happen ;-)

He looks so great!