Monday, November 17, 2008

Steady goes it...

Things in the cook household are going well. Daxton continues to do amazingly well. He is drinking all of his food and his ng tube is still out. He didn't gain any weight today but he didn't lose any either. Hopefully if he continues to do well we will only have to go to clinic once a week instead of twice a week, that would be amazing. Daxton is starting to get stronger, he is rolling from side to side. He hates tummy time and he has no leg strength. I am going to have physical therapy come and help us out with those things.

This past week one of the nsl officers past away. The procession to his funeral came right in front our house. It was a beautiful tribute.

There were over one hundred police motorcylces and more than two hundred police cars.

It was a beautiful tribute to one of our public servants. I am glad that my kids were able to see that. I pray for the family that he left behind.

This is Mady reading to Daxton, she is just learning how to read and is very excited.

This is Daddy and Daxton picking grapes. Ryan has been Mr. Domestic. He has done two batches of canned grape juice and there is still more to come. What a man!

So today while we were at clinic I went to patients billing and asked them for a copy of all of Daxtons medical records. Funny joke. It took more than an hour for the poor girl to get them all printed off, I felt so bad, but I was glad that I went into the office because she told that it would have cost me 28 cents after the first ten. That would have cost me a lot. It is very interesting to read. I will have some reading material for many a day to come. Pretty impressive for a 5 month old. Yep those are all of his medical records. I also talked to billing and his bill for just the hospital stay this is not including doctors, I am still working on that number is $739,047.17!! That is a mouthful! Our insurance company loves us.

I am getting so excited to go to the UTAH/byu game. It should be a lot of fun. I will be sure to report on the game. Hope you all have a wonderful week and remember God loves ya!


The Simmons Family said...

I'm so thrilled to hear that Daxton is doing so well! Yah for NO NG tube and SO GRATEFUL for insurance!!


Family Scads said...

Yeah for keeping the tube out! I hate dealing with an NG tube. It was a great day when he finally got it out.

Cheer extra loud for UTAH for us at the game. We will be watching it from afar.

Orley said...

Canning Grapes!?! Question: How come grape works as a soda, kind of as a gum but not as a pie? Just curious. Tell Ryan if he stops domesticating himself - I'll play WoW.

Orley said...

P.S. I found the pause button for that d*** song.

Jon, Juliann, Anna, Andrew said...

Wow, how cool to see that funeral procession. I would have been sobbing my eyes out, I'm sure.

LOVE that Ryan is doing grapes!! That is hilarious. He and Jon should get together and can things sometime - Jon is a master at canning (thanks to his mom!)

Bug said...

i am so amazed he is eating so well!
what a trooper.
i LOVE that hat on him by the way.
i'm so glad he's doing so well.
and your husband is indeed quite the domestic one! wow. 2 cans of grape juice. I'M impressed!
it was good to see you the other day!
i hope that once a week visits are just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

What have you done to my brother?! Haha just kidding! Ry I'm proud of you! Dax looks so stinking cute, it sucks that we can't see him yet! Post more pics! :) It was so fun to be with the girl last weekend, they make me so happy! I love you guys! Give Dax a kiss from auntie meg!