Monday, November 3, 2008

Love this!!!

This is such a neat song and video!! I love it! It made me cry(shocker).

Daxton is doing awesome! He now weighs 11 lbs 6 oz-fatty. He refuses to drink from a bottle so we have to gavage pretty much everything he eats. Which is fine for now. Today I went to walmart and spend $20 on differant kinds of nipples, to see which one he likes. Let the experimenting begin.

We had a fun Halloween-Mady decided last minute that she wanted to be a scary and nice witch, Ellie was little bo peep and Daxton was her little lamb. They were super cute. Nana Janet stayed home with Daxton so that we could take the kids trick or treating.

I am so excited for this month-I love thanksgiving-besides being my favorite foods,turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, homemade rolls, yummy. I love reflecting on what I am truly grateful for. This year I have so much and we have been blessed so much that I am overwhelmed with emotion. It has been a long road. But so many wonderful things have come from it.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!


Callgirl said...

I bet your kids were darling for Halloween. I miss you. Daxton sound like he is doing well. What a blessing. He is getting chunky. . .NICE!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Dax is doing so good! It was so fun to spend time with the girls on Sunday! Ellie is growing up way too fast! She told me she's going to wear diapers forever! Sorry! haha! I love you guys tons! Give dax a huge hug and kiss from Meggy!

Jon, Juliann, Anna, Andrew said...

Love that Daxton is making his way towards true "fatty" status. That's quite the honorable, highly sought-after title, you know. :)

Quinney Family said...

WOW Hillary!! That song and video was awsome!!! Were did you find that song? Who sings it? I am so glad to hear that Daxton is doing so well. You guys are great friends.