Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twas the night before closing day.....

Closing day is tomorrow! We are so excited and ready for our new adventure. Things have been crazy with the sickies but things are calming down. Daxton is feeling a little better. It turns out that he has hand, foot and mouth disease. Friday I was looking in his mouth and saw all of this little blisters. Poor little man. His gums are swollen and he does not like to take his magnesium. He is much happier during the daytime but at night he is struggling.
The cath lab called yesterday to schedule Daxtons next cath. It will be Sept 3rd. It really suprised me, I didn't expect for him to have one again so soon. But after this one we will be just once a year.

Life is good! We feel so very blessed to be where we are today! We are tired, overwhelmed, stressed, sick, disfunctional, but we are together and thats all that matters.

Movie quote of the week-"They say when you marry in June your a bride all your life."
hint-also a musical-one of my favorites.


dmg said...

I'm so glad that Daxton is feeling better. I'll remember Daxton in our prayers as he goes in for another cath---its said how routine caths can become.
Are you guys going to be able to make the Heart walk? We would love to see you all soon again.


Leslie said...

Good luck with the closing! I hope everything goes smoothly. We're excited for you.

As for the movie quote, I didn't know it until I googled it. Good movie. Apparently, I have not seen it enough. :-)

ang said...

Is it Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Am I even close? Ben hates his magnesium too, he acts like it's burning his mouth and throat so we have to give it in the button. Good luck today. Don't be too freaked out when they show you how much you'll really be paying for your house over 30 years. If you pay half of a months payment every two weeks rather than a full payment once a month you'll pay it off in 15-18 years and save TONS in interest $. Plus it often works better with monthly budgeting to not have to figure in a big amount on one paycheck. Just wait till tax time next year when you can deduct your interest, boy that sure helps! Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

Juliann said...

It's gotta be 7 Brides for 7 Brothers!

Can't wait to see your new house!

Mary Ann said...

Come on now, give us a challenging quote. Like, "That's when the whores come in".

Kara said...

Blog-stalking at its finest!