Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's official!

The quote "We're really doing it Harry" keeps running through my mind. We signed the papers, well Ryan signed the papers on Thursday. It was very anti climatic. I was wanting fireworks, balloons, confetti, etc. We went, signed and then came home. We did pick up some chinese takeout, that was our celebratory feast. We are almost all done packing thanks to my mom and Natalie. I seriously would be lost without them. Thanks babes!

Daxton had clinic this past week. Everything went great. We were able to run into a lot of our most favorite people. We saw Toni and Orley from Rainbow kids, our favorite PICU secretary Annette and Amy and Hardy were there for Jacks sedated echo, we of course love to see all of the transplant team. We feel like it is a big party once a month. Well I feel that way, Daxton probably doesn't since he is the one getting poked and prodded. Everything with Daxtons ticker is looking great. He did however lose weight which I was expecting because he has been so sick for two weeks. We are finally back to where we were with his feeding pre virus so hopefully next check up he will have put some weight on. We were able to go down on some meds-yahoo! They tell me that if everything looks good with his cath in Sept then we will be able to stop doing his 1 am med. That would be amazing!

The movie quote was from 7 brides for 7 brothers. I love this musical! This is the musical that my mother-in-law and my mom will be putting on this year at Woods Cross High School. So come next February we will be having a hoe down! Yeeha!

Wish me luck this week with the move. It should be an adventure.


The Simmons Family said...

Congratulations on your new home!!! Yes, it's very anticlimactic.. but it will be fun when you get your first write off on your taxes :)!!

Congrats again!


Aimee Hardy said...

Wahoo! Congratulations, you homeowner you. I so happy for you guys and can't wait to come visit.

And it was so fun to see you the other day. I think we have seen you there almost every single time we've been this year. It makes trips to the hospital so much more fun.

Kevin and Amber said...

That's so great that you are done with the closing. Now the work begins. I'm glad that Daxton is doing so good. I was in that Play in high school. I didn't have a real part. I know I know there aren't any small parts just small actors blah blah whatever I had a small part.

Orley said...

He may have lost weight in his body but I think its all being stored in his head. That's boy's gotta huge head!

Movie quote:

"He needs a huge pilla' for that 'uge 'ead!"

Hint: So I married an....

J & B said...

Okay Hil, here I am writing on your blog. Congrats on the house! That's so exciting. It was really fun seeing you at the enrichment activity. I sure love ya. To see my blog email my your email at
Then I'll send you an invite and then you can read away. No promises; it's probably not that exciting but fun to stay in touch. Love ya! Love, Becca (Sellers)

Mary Ann said...

Welcome to the home owners club. It's not really a fun club but it's a club!