Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My girls are at a friends house, Daxton is sound asleep in his crib and I am so procrastinating doing the dishes and packing for our big move. We are hopefully closing on the house this week. Needless to say my house is a wreck. I just can't get the motivation to clean.

We have some good news at our house Daxton is finally mobile. He is a scooter. He is not crawling just scooting wherever he wants to go. It is really one of the cutest things ever. We are all very excited! This morning I was watching Barbie princess with Ellie, I looked over and Daxton had gotten into a cup of rootbear that had been left out. Awesome. We are excited at this new adventure.

The movie quote this week is from my alltime favorite movie. I watch it at least once month. So if you know me you will know what movie it is without the quote.
"Lets just say we are doing it for a pal in the army."


Deanna said...

Hooray!!!! That is such a major accomplishment!!

ang said...

Hi Hilary! I'm so sorry I couldn't come find you and chat after clinic last week. Especially since I know now what a rough day that was for you. I'm sorry. Sometimes those appointments take forever and we were going to be late picking up Jocelyn from school, she has year-round kindergarten. I couln't even tell you had pink eye when I saw you; that sure is no fun! It's so exciting you are buying your first house! You'll love it. It's really darling! My hubby is in Germany right now but let me know when you are moving if you need any help. I'd love to have a play date with you, Daxton and the girlies sometime. Call if you ever need to chat. Keep smiling! Ü

Family Scads said...

Yeah! Way to go to all of your family! Oh, and I love 'White Christmas!'

Orley said...

What the heck is "rootbear?"

Leslie said...

I'm excited about your house. I know it's hard and overwhelming. We are still in need of some major unpacking. I just haven't been able to deal with it for the last couple of months. I need to get motivated again.

Congrats to Daxton! Yeah! So exciting to hear of his new accomplishments.

I love it when you pick lines from movies that I know! :-) However, I was not the first to post. Darn. You are the only person I know that shares my crazy love for that movie in quite the same manner. It's been several months since I have seen it. I should watch it again soon. It lifts my spirits like no other movie.

Love you.

Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

I don't even have a clue what the movie is, but I just read your friends comment, and it sounds like it is White Christmas. Never seen it!

Staci said...

I can't even imagine how you must have felt watching Dax scoot, I bet it was quite a sight. I am so excited for you to move, I have always loved red brick houses with white trim! I hope all goes well, thanks for always being so great. have a good week.
P.S. I always thought I was a movie buff, but you stump me everytime

Anonymous said...

Seriously? After all we talked about the other day that's the best quote you could come up with? Really Hilton, really.