Monday, December 21, 2009

Funny things

I love the cute little things my kids say. The other night I took the girls out to dinner before we went to my sisters choir concert. Mady was drinking a fruit punch, she looked at me and said "Mom fruit punch is really good for you because it has fruit in it." Right sweetheart.

Our little Ellie is giving us a run for our money lately, and her sister is not helping with that very much. The other night the girls were playing and Mady did something to make her sister sad. Ellie came crying into the kitchen, fell on the floor and while sobbing said "I have a broken (big wail)....a broken heart." She is so very dramatic.

I love my girls, I am just hoping that I can keep my Santa is not bringing presents threats to a minimum this week.


Kevin and Amber said...

What ellie said is so funny. Sanata threats aren't even working with nate.

Natalie said...

That is awesome. A broken heart huh... and so it begins, the manipulative ways of a woman. That is hilarious.

Ivannape said...

I know the feeling, My kids lately if they don't get their way they tell me "This is the worst Day of My Life' so dramatic. Got to Love those days!!!