Thursday, December 10, 2009

Next question

Thank you so much for your help and advice. So far we are on day 4 of no tube and things are going well. He has stayed steady on his weight actually gaining 1 ounce-I'll take it. So here is my next question. What are some really fatty foods that kids(18 month olds) will eat. I tried sausage and eggs this morning and he would have nothing to do with it. He absolutely loves mac and cheese. And he loves yogurt. What are things that your kids like that are higher on the calorie list. I think I will start feeding him ice cream for every meal. He is still drinking Nutrin Jr which has a lot of calories and I tried to add Duocal with his chocolate milk, he didn't like that too much and I don't blame him I tried a taste and it was nasty. I thought Duocal was supposed to be tasteless. Any thoughts or info would be very much appreciated. Thanks so very much.


ang said...

Hey Hilary! It sure is a battle getting these little guys to grow. Someone told me the docs worry 'cause heart kiddos use more calories than healthy kids so they really can't afford to be underweight. I don't know if that's the whole reason or not. One thing that has helped Ben is I still add a scoop of formula to just about everything. You can mix it in pretty well and he doesn't mind it. Also I had Michelle get me a copy of some papers on "Power Packing" to get more calories into Ben. I bet you could call her and she could email it to you. If not I'll try to find mine (yes it's lost already!) and I can send it to you. Some of their suggestions are like adding cheese to mashed potatoes, using butter often, offering dipping sauce like ranch dressing. You know, stuff like that. They had other ideas too but I can't remember. It's tough in our house 'cause Cody and I want to lose weight but the kids need to gain. Anyway. Good luck, let me know how he does.

Christina said...

Avocados and cheesecake (not together). Good Luck!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Kevin and Amber said...

Will he eat hot dogs??? Give him them for every meal.

Lindsay said...

Cheese. Dane loves it, and would eat it for every meal and every snack. Costco sells cheese sticks (that are not string cheese, which is lower in calorie content), and they're super convenient.

The Stewart's said...

Here is what the power packing paper says:

-Melt on sandwiches, meats, fish, vegetables, eggs
-Grate into sauces, casseroles, mashed/baked potatoes, rice, noodles
-Add an extra slice to grilled cheese sandwiches

Cottage Cheese:
-stuff in fruits or veggies
-add to casseroles
-use as a dip
-top baked potatoes

Cream Cheese
-spread on sandwiches, fruit slices, toast, bagels, crackers, muffins, cookies
-add to egg dishes or veggies
-use in sauces

Whole milk or cream
-use in place of water in soups, hot cereals, instant puddings
-serve cream sauce with veggies
-add powdered milk to regular milk, eggnog, milk shakes, soups, casseroles, meatloaf, cookie dough, cake, muffin and bread batter
-add to cream to sauces
-use evaporated milk in a sauce or in cooking

Ice cream
-use in beverages such as sodas, milk shakes or fruit whips
-add to fruits, gelatin desserts, pies
-sandwich between cookies, cake or graham crackers

-add chopped, hard-cooked eggs to salads, dressings, veggies, casseroles
-add extra egg to cooked foods such as custards, french toast, muffin and pancake batter, and bread dough

Peanut Butter
-spread generously on sandwiches, toast, muffins, french toast, pancakes, fruit slices, crackers, carrot and celery sticks
-add to sauces, milk shakes, cookie and muffin batter, bread dough
-swirl through ice cream, yogurt, or pudding

-add cooked meat to veggies, salads, casseroles, soups, omelets, scrambled eggs, sandwiches

Margarine or Butter
-melt into hot cereals, soups, casseroles, mashed/baked potatoes, rice noodles, pasta, cooked veggies, pancakes, sauces, gravies
-spread extra on toast, rolls, bread
-butter both slices of bread in sandwiches
-butter buns for hot dogs or hamburgers

-add to salad dressing
-spread on sandwiches and crackers
-make veggie dips
-use to make meat, fish, or veggies salads

Honey, Jams, Jellies or Sugar
-Add to cereals, milk shakes, fruit, desserts, yogurt, toast, muffins, french toast, pancakes, and cookies. (Honey is not recommended for infants under one year of age or immunosuppressed children)

Other Favorites
-Olives, peanuts, nuts, seeds, raisins and other dried fruits

Sorry, I know this is terribly long, but I wanted you to have the info. My experience with Alex has been to try a bunch of different things and give the ones he likes. He eats a lot of the same things day after day, but it's what he likes. I think it's good to give variety, but it's more important to get the calories into him.

Natalie said...

Pasta, peanut butter, and cheese!
Holy crap "The Stewarts" have some good foods. Lots of different kinds of foods around the house. Have some out all of the time, he may want to just grab it when you don't realize he is hungry, have food be an option all of the time:)
What a perfect time to GAIN weight.. Christmas food is the most fatty.. yummy!

Jones said...

you have gotten a great list. I add olive oil to foods that are lower calorie. one tablespoon added to foods or drinks add 120 calories and 13.5 grams of fat. This way you are not pumping him with sugars. You do not want him on a sugar high then crashing. You can have him eat healthy and add fats. you can do formula in a sippy and and the olive oil to that as well. nevaeh has 4 scoops formula 6 oz water and 1 tbls olive oil

Family Scads said...

We had to add butter to basically everything Beckham ate. They also told us to never give him chicken unless it was breaded (wish I had that diet!). Another thing, is that they gave us Benical Protein powder that I could sprinkle on his food (mashed potatoes, apple sauce) because it's tasteless, and then we gave him Boost juice that is loaded with calories.

Good luck!

Becca said...

Sorry we missed you at the hospital the other day. That was sweet of you to try to stop by. We all need to get together after the holidays. Alex's mom, thanks for the list, I will sneek some ideas from that. We are going to try pasta, because Ellie will not eat meat for some reason. I think it's the texture. We also add extra scoops of formula to alot of things. Becca

One Happy Heart Family said...

WOW! Okay I just read the comments cause we are in the same boat. Kylie is headed down hill on her weight, but to make it interesting she has a milk allergy so I am pretty much lost on what to do! The olive oil thing sounds great. I didn't know it would add so many calories. They told me the next step is to add microlipids to Kylies formula. She still takes 3-4 bottles a day and I am so lost on what to do!!! I am so glad you posted this!!!!!