Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My little Dax

It has been a while since I have given a Daxton update. He has progressed so much in just the last month it is incredible. He has just conquered the skill of standing up by himself. He loves to walk holding on the furniture, hands or using his walker. He is so incredibly proud of himself when he stands up. He looks at us and just laughs-it is like he is saying ha, I knew I could do it. It is so sweet.

He is still my little butt scooter, although the craziest thing happened. Thanksgiving night we were at my Grandpas house just sitting around talking when we looked down at Daxton and he was crawling on all fours with his head on the floor. It was so bizarre. It was like he always knew how to crawl. He must think his head is too heavy because holding his head up seems to be the biggest obstacle for him.

His eating is going really good(minus my emotional meltdowns). We have clinic on Thursday so I am praying so very hard that he has gained some weight. He is really liking shakes. Thanks to my sister-in-law Myca we use a magic bullet to make his shakes. We will put a thing of yogurt, banana, carnation instant breakfast, a couple scoops of duocal, whole milk and some carrots and he drinks it up. This past week he figured out how to drink from a straw so that is fun. It took him a while to realize that he has to swallow after he sucks it up. But he is getting the hang of it.

He is such a happy little man. He loves watching his sisters dance and play. Yesterday Mady was home sick with pink eye and literally for hours he just sat and watched the girls dance and he just would laugh and giggle at them. It was one of my favorite mom moments.
I am just thrilled at how far he has come. I wish I could go back a couple months and tell myself to relax, he will develop at his own pace. Yesterday I read a quote from an email that said

"Did you know that 90% of what we worry about happening never actually happens? Most of the time, however, the damage has already been done. The stress and anxiety has a devastating impact on us - physically and emotionally. How silly is that? We worry about things that will probably not happen to the point that it hurts us.

What are we afraid of? What is so scary about troubles in life? We have been given a guarantee that life will indeed have trials. But we have also been given a guarantee that God will never give us more than we can handle - in His strength. It is also during the troubles in our life that we grow and learn about God's perfect timing, love and faithfulness.

So why do we worry so much? You know what? I think we are not worried about the troubles at all. I think we are worried that God won't be there. Or that He will turn His back on us because of our mistakes, because of our sins.

If you knew for certain, absolutely, without a single doubt, that God loves you just as you are, has forgiven you for everything you have ever done and will ever do, and will never, ever, ever leave you, no matter what - would you be as afraid as you are now?"

That was just what I needed to hear yesterday. Thanks for checking up on us. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


Natalie said...

ThaWhat a great post Hilary. I agree with you, STOP WORRYING!
I love the pictures and stories of Daxton. He is so so so great.

Ivannape said...

Hey Hill thanks for the great comments they were exactly what I needed right now so thanks. He is such a cutie I am glad he is doing well. Its so much fun to watch our kids interact with each other it really is the best part of being a mom. Maybe one day we can get all of them to play Take care lots of luv Aprilee

Orley said...

Dude... have you SEEN the size of that kids head!? No wonder he can't lift it up!

ang said...

Oooh he is sure a cutie! We will be in Urology tomorrow for a consult for Benny's circumcision so maybe I'll try to stop by and say hi. I miss seeing you guys but it sure is great to know everything is going so well. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! Ü

Kristin said...

Don't listen to Orley! He is such a cutie! Good luck on Thursday. We'll be praying for you guys!