Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008!!!

What a year!! That even might be an understatement. This year started out with me having gestational diabetes. I thought that would be the challenge of the year, silly me. In April my grandpa had a heartattack and had to have three stints put in and later another three. Then my dad was diagnosed with a incurable bone cancer. Which is now amazingly gone. He still has pain but no cancer. Miracle! Then on May 20th we found out about our sweet son. His heart diagnosis started out as tricuspid stenosis. After 36 hour labor Daxton Parker Cook was rushed into this world weighing 5 lbs 5 oz. We then found out it was pulmanary atresia-basically same thing. Then on May 27th, this day will go down as the worst day of my life, we found out that our son had a severe coronary anomally and would not live very long. The emotions and feelings of this day are what my nightmares consist of. After many prayers, blessings and putting our faith in our Savior we went ahead with the first reconstructive surgery to Daxtons heart. We brought him home June 20th and spent 10 wonderful days as a family. On June 30th Daxton suffered his first of two heart attacks. We rushed him to the hospital where we ended up staying for 3 months while we waited for a new heart for our son. He recieved this new heart on Sept 10th. There were many many prayers, fasting, faith and blessings through our time in the hospital. So many sacred, beautiful events occured. Our family was brought closer, our true friends were realized, new amazing people were brought into our lives that we never would have ever met. But most importantly our testimony of our Savior was strengthed beyond our imaginations.
On Oct 11th we lost a beloved Uncle. I miss him so very much. I miss his laugh! Then a new baby, my sister had her first baby after 3 long years of trying, Teagan Rose was born.

So yes I have never been so excited for a year to be over but looking back on the events, the miracles, the wonderful friends and family that we have. I can honestly say that with all of my heart I am grateful for the things we have gone through. Goodbye 2008!! We will never forget you.


Leslie said...

Hilary, it has been quite a year! This is a beautiful summary of the events and your feelings about them. You're amazing. I love you.

The Munk Family said...

Wow what a year. I can't imagine all you have been through. What a Strong and Amazing person you are.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that 2008 brought us together as friends...but I am glad that year is over!

Angie Bailey

barrettandaudrey said...

What a year, and you are such a trooper. I am glad that things are going good! We are still praying for Daxton, he is so darling. People who don't believe in miracles should read your story, isn't life amazing?