Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy week....

A new baby!!
My little sister Lindsay and her husband Patrick welcomed their first baby. Teagan Rose. They had been trying for over three years to have a little one, so we feel truly blessed that she has finally arrived. It was really hard for me to not be there when she was born, Lindsay lives in Italy. But I am so happy for them and know that they will make great parents.
The Festival of Trees!!

We had so much fun at the festival. For me this was a very emotional experiance. I got teary eyed just walking in the doors. It is such a labor of love and an outward expression that seems to say please don't forget my loved ones. I love going, I want to do a tree next year.
The girls picked their favorite tree to take a picture in front of. Ellie picked a princess tree-she was so mesmerized by it she didn't want to leave, it was very cute. And Mady picked a GO UTES!! Tree-with absolutly no persuassion from me-I promise! They had a lot of fun, it is so nice to know that every penny is donated to primary childrens hospital.

The wonderful nanas came with us!

This was our annual Tonge family christmas party, the girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins and then sitting on Santas lap, Mady wants a hello kitty boombox, makeup and crafts, and Ellie asked for candy. She cracks me up.

So after a week of fun of course we are going to get sick, Mady was still recovering from fifths disease and then she got a cold, then Ellie started vommitting all night long, yummy. I have been so worried that Daxton is going to get some, I have tried my darndest to keep the girls away from him but how do you keep his biggest admirers away? They seriously are in love with their brother it is so wonderful. I am praying that he doesn't get this sickness.

I just have to tell you how much I love my kids! They make me feel beautiful and wonderful when I am not feeling that way. Last night I was going out with my girlfriends from high school for our monthly get together. I had been trying on several outfits, just feeling gynourmous(large) when I walked into the room where Ellie was and she said in a very enthusiastic voice "oh mom, you are beautiful." Oh man, melt my heart. I know that will not last forever but i do enjoy it.

Sorry to ramble but I have so much on my mind, I am trying so hard to get all of my thoughts and feelings together to write our donor family. How do you put into words what they have done for me, my son and my family. How do you express the thankfulness that I have? How will they ever know the impact that their selfless decision has had on so many people? There truly are no earthly words to say the things I want to say to them. I want to get the letter out before christmas, but I honestly and truly do not have more than ten minutes all by myself. I will have to get a babysitter just so that I can write it.

Merry Christmas!!


Leslie said...

Love this post. Love hearing your thoughts that are spinning around in your head. You're so sweet. Writing that letter would be difficult. I think saying what you said here would be appropriate though. Tell them that you don't know what to say. I think they will understand. Be yourself. If I can help with the letter in any way, just let me know. I'm here.

Orley said...

No need to send a letter to me at PCMC. A gift basket of assorted beers will do nicely. Give Daxtonius a "werd up" from me.

The Taylors said...

Hi, Looks like you guys are doing great. I am so glad. You know I try my darndest also to keep the sick buggies away, but a little cold keeps sneaking back into our house. Luckily it's just the boys who have gotten it, It is hard to keep them away from her. I am so glad little Daxton is doing so well. Writing that letter would be so difficult, just finding the right words to say would be hard. Hope you have a Happy Holiday.