Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our christmas card!!

This year our family has experienced miracles
beyond our comprehension. At this Christmas
season we want to express our gratitude to our
friends and family for your Faith and Prayers in our behalf
Mosiah 27:4
We share with you our testimony of our Savior.
He has been with us through every single moment
Of our journey. We know that he lives and he LOVES
all of us. We have felt the comfort of the Savior and the
Holy Ghost in the very moment they were most
desperately needed. We know that the power of
The Priesthood is real and that through it mighty
miracles can and do occur!
We love you and wish you a very
Merry Christmas!
This is not a part of the christmas card....
p.s. I need some help getting my two little darlings
to sleep through the night. If you have any tips
let me know.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I am not kidding about the Melatonin. The doctors say that it is not habit forming, completly safe and it doesn't make them drowsy, just able to relax enough when they do go to bed (unless you give them a big dose) I just give my kiddos 1/2 of a 1mg tablet. I have some if you want to try it.

Callgirl said...

I don't think you want to know my ideas,
they involve drugs and knocking them out. j/k I totally don't drug them. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys! I can't believe how big everyone is getting! Sorry I missed Mady's dance performance! I'm a bad bad aunt! Sorry! I can't wait for Christmas, Mady and Elle are at such fun ages! I was thinking we need to go on a double date soon! I'll call you and we'll figure out something! We'll send my dad and mom over to be with the kids! YEAH BABY! Love you guys lots! Dax looks huge! Too bad it's just his little cheeks! I wouldn't be asking Ty how to get your kids to sleep! :)

The Taylors said...

I also haved used the melatonin. (even on my husband) It does work great, my friend uses it on her little boy who has autism, that is where I learned about it. The pediatrician also told me it was okay it give them benadryl, not all of the time but just on the hard nights. I never tried it, but do know it knocks my boys out for a couple of hours when they do have to take it. Sorry I know sleepless nights make it so hard. Good Luck.