Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clinic and Crawdads

Today was Daxtons clinic visit. We haven't been to clinic for a whole month. I was a little nervous, that is the longest we have been between visits. Everything went well. His echo looked great. And all of his labs were good. So there was no reason to be nervous. I did however have a total embarrassing melt down with our Doctor and our Nurse. I am just super stressed, really worried about Daxtons development, buying a new house, the girls are driving me crazy(always fighting), my pink eye is driving me crazy, etc. It all just seemed to explode right at that moment. They were so nice and listened and gave me words of encouragement. I told them they could charge me for therapy time also. It always does feel good to cry. This picture is Daxton at clinic playing with his favorite toy. He did gain 1 pound. Seriously that was all one pound in one month. I think I had my expectations a little too high. But hey at least he is gaining. Here are some updated pictures of my little man.

When Daxton was in the hopsital we got a Life Flight t-shirt from one of our Life Flight friends This is him showing it off.

This boy loves books!

Sleeping with his alligator. One of my favorite things is watching my sleeping peaceful!

Tuesday night we went up to Strawberry resevoir with some friends to catch some crawdads. It was the coolest thing ever. You throw in a piece of chicken leg on a fishing string, wait for a few seconds, pull the string up and there are 3-4 crawdads biting the chicken leg. The boys caught about 20-30 of them then we took them over and boiled them-poor little things-and ate them. They honestly were not too bad, it is just like eating a mini lobster. It is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. We had a lot of fun. It was so beautiful there. I love the mountains! It was a perfect evening. Thanks Topher and Ryan.

Daxton and Hazel waiting for Dinner....

Mady and Macy putting rocks in Ryans exhaust pipe, they are such good helpers. Don't they look so innocent?

Nutrious and Delicious, tastes just like chicken(not really)

Our Feast, it looks like a cornucopia.

Ryan and his girls sitting around the campfire roasting marshmellows and starbursts. YUMMY!

So comfy.....

I just wanted to show you all how attractive I have been looking. I know, I know try not to be jealous. I don't know who would ever say that they liked having pink eye? Seriously.

Who let the dogs out?

P.S. The movie quote answer was Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring. Good guessing


Anonymous said...

It's so good to get an update about Daxton. Sounds like things are going well. He is such a cute boy. I love the picture of him with the book. I'm happy you had a good cry, even if it was at the doctor's office. Things always feel better afterwards. I'm sure you're under such huge amounts of stress. You need to make sure to let it out. Remember you can always call and vent to me. I miss hearing your voice . . . even if it's just your crying voice.

I can't believe you ate crawdads! They were all over when I lived in Louisiana, but I could never bring myself to eat one. There, they suck the heads. It's supposed to be where all of the flavor is. Ick. Gag. Did you do that? Tell me you didn't do that.

And, the conjunctivitis . . . are you on meds? You should be. Get something immediately. You should not be so miserable over a treatable condition. You need your health to deal with all of your stressors. I hope you feel better soon.

Hang in there with everything. Call if you need. I will keep you in my prayers. Love you.


Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

woof, woof Hilary. Just kidding. Nice picture though. Who does that?
Always remember you are beautiful, and you are a Child of God.

Strawberry was fun, minus the drive back, and my fight with Topher, and the screaming kids... just kidding, good memory making that day. The pictures are awesome.

Orley said...

Man, your eyes are as red as that crawdad! On a side note, Daxton is looking as handsome as his favorite social worker!

Thats me in case you didn't know.

Mindi said...

Lots of fun! So glad Daxton is gaining. And a good cry is good medicine.

I need your email address--will you leave it on my blog?

Mimi said...

One whole lb?? I would totally go for a lb!! That's GREAT! Mia is on the few ounces plan. It is so frustrating because she always has a huge blow-out right before we weigh her. I want that to count!

I grew up going to strawberry all the time (from Heber)- it is so beautiful up there.

I am so sorry about the pink eye- have you used those miracle drops? I don't know what they are called, but when my older two had it I gave them one dose and the pink eye was GONE. It was like $70 for a oz or something crazy. Luckily my friend who has rad insurance gave me hers.

Hopefully it will go away ASAP- and that mr. daxton won't get it.