Monday, October 13, 2008

We're back...

Today we had a cardiology apt. They did an echo, xray and ekg. The results were that Daxton had fluid on his lungs, and a little around his heart. So they said that this could possibly mean rejection(scary). So they told us we were being admitted back to the intensive care. So we are now back into the picu. They put in a chest tube, that took about 2 hours becaus the fluid was actually under his lung so he had to go down to specials and get the chest tube put in. They drained 50 cc/ml initially and he is still draining more. He has been super ornery since last thursday when we started feeding him in his tummy so we attributed that to eating. But maybe it was because of this.
So the plan now is they are going to do a cath lab. This is were they go into an artery in his leg and go up to his heart. There they will take a few little pieces of his heart and they will test for rejection. So we should officially know tomorrow evening what the results are. If it is rejection they will then treat for the next three days with heavy dose of steroids. They are telling me that he will need to be intibated for his cath and then if it is rejection they will keep him intibated because he will be pretty miserable. I am so very nervous about having the breathing tube back in. It seems like we just got it out. I am also very nervous about the cath. That is where all the bad news started with Daxtons heart. I pray that this time it will not be bad news. Hopefully this is just a little tiny speedbump, and Daxton will cruise right over it. Please pray extra hard that it is not rejection and if it is that the treatment will go well. Much love, Hilary


Deanna said...

When I saw you at the hospital today and you told me that Daxton was back in the PICU--I was devastated, on my way home I couldn't help but cry for you and your sweet little boy. Daxton will be in our prayers, as well as you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I hope everything goes ok as well. We are definitly praying for you guys. Lots of love.